Red Bull Air Race - The Game for PC now available to download

Fly like a pilot in the Red Bull Air Race

Chambliss in the game

Experience high speed, low altitude action – and compete with players around the world – in a new flight simulation game that delivers the locations, pilots and thrills straight to your PC free of charge.

Starting today (25 January 2017), aviation fans around the world can download for free the new Red Bull Air Race - The Game. Since the beta introduction at GamesCom in August 2016, where it won the award for GamesCom's Best Racing Game, word has been spreading about the release from Wingracers Sports Games and the award-winning developers of Slightly Mad Studios. The game brings to life the dynamics and 370-kilometer-per-hour excitement of the real Red Bull Air Race World Championship into a thrilling game.

Red Bull Air Race – The Game is the first flight simulation with native virtual reality support that offers breathtakingly realistic and unique graphics. It's a free-to-play game and also available for download completely free of charge. Available exclusively for PCs, Red Bull Air Race – The Game integrates a high degree of realism with proven technology.

The game's developers teamed up with technology innovators at NVIDIA to ensure impeccable performance and an even more realistic game experience, and Red Bull Air Race – The Game was optimized for NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic cards. With an Oculus Rift headset, the breathtakingly fast flights on real racetracks are an intense experience and provide a degree of realism previously unknown on the gaming scene.

Red Bull Air Race – The Game is based on the official rules of the Red Bull Air Race. For maximum authenticity, the game features many of the top pilots and authentic locations of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, including tracks which were new to the 2016 race Calendar; Germany's Lausitzring and the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the USA, as well as four fantasy racetracks such as Mont-Saint-Michel and the Grand Canyon – plus many additional fantasy- and conceptual aircrafts.

In the free-to-play model of Red Bull Air Race – The Game, players must practice and use their skills to achieve progress: play to win instead of pay to win. For more, visit Red Bull Air Race - The Game

Red Bull Air Race - The Game