Ryfa rises above in Qualifying

The Swedish pilot puts his best foot forward ahead of Race Day

Ryfa rises above his rivals

To secure the best slot in tomorrow's race, Daniel Ryfa pulled out all the stops to top Qualifying with an unbeatable 58.293s run in the track.

Ryfa – who has more career wins than any other Challenger – was second to fly in the track after Kevin Coleman had  set a time of 59.826s. But Ryfa shaved 1.533s off that time to push Coleman down, who eventually finished fifth.

Czepiela was also quicker than Coleman; the Polish pilot was one of the last to fly so was able to see the conditions in the track before entering. His time of 58.576s was enough to see him finish second.

Florian Bergér, who had been struggling so far this week was back to his best and although he could only finish third, he was pleased that he was able to fly cleanly and set a competitive time. Daniel Genevey was fourth, 1.423s off the leader.

New pilots Dario Costa and Patrick Davidson were able to fly cleanly and smoothly in the track, but found themselves in sixth and seventh respectively. This is both pilots' first Qualifying experience and they will be looking forward to their first race tomorrow.

You can follow all the Challenger Class action live from 12:20 local time tomorrow, right HERE.

Abu Dhabi 2018 Challenger Class Qualifying results