San Diego 2017 Reactions: Challenger Class Free Practice

The Challengers offer their first opinions of the San Diego racetrack

Kenny Chiang made a good first impression

The pilots of the Challenger Class had their first ever flight in a California track today. As the sun beat down over San Diego Bay, the six competitors got their first taste of the circuit. Here's what they thought...

Florian Bergér
"This is my first time in San Diego. It's a really nice city and I'm very impressed – I would love to come here for holidays. I think I was lucky because the wind speed dropped this afternoon. I felt good, but I'm still thinking about how to find better lines. There's a lot to improve and we will see how the next days will work."

Kevin Coleman
"First session was OK, the second one was really good. The track is changing all the time – almost every lap – due to the wind and it's how you react to those changes that will make the difference. But I've got a good handle on this track and hopefully Ill be able to get faster at every lap."

Luke Czepiela
"I really like the track. The first session was difficult, but I improved a lot in Free Practice 2. It's a bit bumpy out there but the wind is actually helping – at the most difficult turn the wind is actually pushing me onto the right line. I'm looking forward to getting back out there."

Baptiste Vignes
"It was very interesting out there. This track is more difficult than in Abu Dhabi; I think it's a bit more technical. I'm still learning and my goal is to be smooth and safe. I'm not expecting anything here, I'm just trying to learn."

Kenny Chiang
"Free Practice 1 was a struggle as I hit a pylon. The first two runs in Free Practice 2 were also tough, but I was pleased with my third run. It's great to be back in the raceplane and in the track."

Daniel Genevey
"It was really difficult out there, but I'm impressed with the track. The wind is not helping and I need to watch that, but I'm improving all the time. Tonight I will work on my lines and think about where else I can improve."