San Diego 2017 Reactions: Challenger Class Qualifying

The Challengers offer their thoughts on Qualifying

Coleman quickest in Qualifying

In the Spring heat in San Diego the Challengers set there times to lay down a marker for tomorrow's race. Here's how they thought they did...

Florian Bergér

"I was happy with my net time, but I just cut the corner on gate 14. I still think I would've been behind Kevin's time without the pylon hit and hopefully I won't do the same tomorrow."

Kevin Coleman
"We've got better. We've been trying different things in every session, but I wasn't really worrying about my time, I knew Qualifying is where it counts and we found a lot of time. I've still left something out on the track, so I know where I can go faster tomorrow in the race."

Luke Czepiela

"I love the track and I love California – it's an amazing place to race. I had a chance to be here a few days early and I really enjoyed it. However, the times are not as good as I'd like them to be. I'm losing a lot of time on the first big turn, the 180 between Gates 3 and 4. I'm trying to improve, slowly improving. So hopefully tomorrow will be better."

Baptiste Vignes

"Qualifying was very impressive, amazing. First, because of the location, we can see all the boats, all the people and everything. And I'm quite happy about the flight as I didn't make any big mistakes, and that's exactly what I wanted, so let's see tomorrow. As I've said before, I'm not expecting something; I just want to improve, so that's the first priority."

Kenny Chiang
"I flew more conservatively in Qualifying to try and fly cleanly. I didn't really think I'd collected a penalty, so I was surprised when I was told after my run. I'm still learning but my times will improve with more experience."

Daniel Genevey
"I didn't make any mistakes so I'm happy. But I tried to find a better line between Gate 2 and Gate 3, but I was unable to today. I didn't fly as nicely as I would've liked, but we'll see what happens tomorrow."

The Challengers will return to race tomorrow and you can catch all the action HERE.