San Diego 2017 reactions: Master Class Qualifying

The pilots talk on today's racing

Goulain was happy today

Mathias Dolderer showed the skills that made him World Champion in Qualifying today. The German pilot finished fastest in the San Diego sunshine and here's what he, and the other Master Class pilots, thought of the day...

Martin Sonka
"It was a pity that I hit the pylon, I cut the corner slightly and the wind pushed me into the pylon. But I'm still happy more or less, we have set steady times all week and we will hope for the same tomorrow."

Juan Velarde
"We've been testing with winglets this week, but I wasn't happy with them, so we removed them for Qualifying and we were a little faster, but still not fast enough. I'm losing a lot of time in the Vertical Turning Manoeuvre so we will look at the data and see where we can improve."

Pete McLeod
"The winds were down a little today and the track was a little bit easier, but that also comes with more time in the track as well. There are a few guys out there running really fast, but I'm happy with my lines and time."

Matthias Dolderer
"It was a cool run. I had a lot of fun and I was totally relaxed and I think that's key. Abu Dhabi wasn't that bad – I was in the Final 4 and I almost finished second. Here I've started to like the track; I'm really comfortable now. There's always a little bit of a mental secret, also."

Nicolas Ivanoff
"Today wasn't good enough. I have to learn more on the track and how to handle the raceplane better. I will have to check where I'm losing time. I think it's between gates three and four, but I will sit down tonight and look through the data."

Michael Goulian
"Qualifying sets up your Race Day. If you're in the top three or four in Qualifying it gives you confidence and an edge going into the race. I don't worry about who I'm going up against tomorrow as I'm only going to be racing against myself. But I'm happy after today."

Cristian Bolton
"The conditions were really nice for racing today. We're a little disappointed as we were hoping to be quicker today, but our times were very similar to yesterday. I've got a problem with gate three and four, so we will check the data tonight and see if we need to change our set up at all."

François Le Vot
"I'm really happy and had a lot of fun in the track today. I pushed hard in the track and I flew cleanly. I'm satisfied and I found the track very pleasant today, more than yesterday anyway. So I'm having fun and I'm happy – what more could you want?"

Mikael Brageot
"Due to a technical issue in Free Practice 3 we were unable to fly in Qualifying and set a competitive time. My team are working on the Skyracer right now and we will be ready for the Round of 14 tomorrow."

Matt Hall
"I was surprised that we're catching up so quickly. I'm starting to feel more at home, but on that last run I tried to push harder, and soon as I did, my flying started to degrade a bit. But we're getting there and I know we'll get there. We're on track with how we thought the raceplane would be. Our raceplane isn't as tuned as some of the others and I'm not pushing as much as I can, but we're still pretty fast."

Kirby Chambliss
"I went out and wanted to lay down a good time – not super conservative, but a good time – and then in the second one I really went for it. But I didn't shave that much time off, so I'm not satisfied. We'll look at it tonight and we'll be back here tomorrow when the race really starts. I'm happy to be here."

Petr Kopfstein
"I was slower than I expected. There are a lot of blind spots in the track and you have to sort of guess where the gates are, especially at gates four, five and six. We'll give it our all tomorrow."

Yoshihide Muroya
"I took the same lines as yesterday, but I think I'm faster because the track conditions have changed slightly. I'm also one of the few pilots without winglets, so maybe that's why I'm faster."

Peter Podlunsek
"Without the two penalties I think it would've been a good time. My mistake was at Gate 10 and I over banked in both runs. You can't expect to be on top with two penalties. Hopefully tomorrow I can do the same run with a better time and then I'll set a competitive time."

Tomorrow the Master Class pilots will race for World Championship points. The Round of 14 begins at 16:00 local. Follow all the action right HERE!