San Diego 2017: Round of 8 preview

Now we get to the business end of Race Day

Sonka focused on the Round of 8

What a start to Race Day it's been. There has been shock after shock with Australia's Matt Hall knocked out by Peter Podlunsek and Pete McLeod's hopes dashed by Yoshi Muroya. Here's how the remaining eight line up...

Heat 8
Martin Sonka vs Yoshihide Muroya
It seems these two have been battling it out all week with their times close to each other in all rounds. Whoever keeps their cool will find themselves in the Final 4.

Heat 9
Petr Kopfstein vs Matthias Dolderer
Kopfstein flew beautifully in the Round of 14 and will want to get into the Final 4 for the first time in his Master Class career. Unfortunately for Kopfstein is he is up against Matthias Dolderer who seems to have found his form at the critical time of race week.

Heat 10
Kirby Chambliss vs Nicolas Ivanoff
Two of the longest serving pilots in the Red Bull Air Race are going to be fighting it out in the Round of 8. Both pilots want to kick start their season and want to get that Final 4 spot. This will be the heat to watch.

Heat 11
Michael Goulian vs Peter Podlunsek
Goulian has been flying exceptionally well this week in San Diego and his times have been getting faster and faster, but Peter Podlunsek shocked everyone with his Round of 14 time. Whoever keeps coolest in the track will come out on top.

The Round of 8 begins at 15:00 local time, catch all the action right HERE!