Sonka fastest in Round of 8

Czech pilot throws down marker for the Final 4

More drama in the Round of 8 as Matt Hall is given a DNF and Yoshihide Muroya collects a penalty. Here's the blow by blow account of the heats...

Heat 8
Kopfstein vs Chambliss
Petr Kopfstein was first to fly in the Round of 8 and he put in a lightning time of 1:00.448, but was given a two second penalty for sinking in the gate. He was given it after he crossed the finish line due to the review process. Chambliss would've heard that time and knew he had to fly exactly how he had been this week. Chambliss flew well and posted a 1:01.234, but like Kopfstein had a pass under review. Unlike Kopfstein he was cleared and was into the Final 4.

Heat 9
Brageot vs McLeod
Mikael Brageot entered his first Round of 8 and flew cleanly, but his slow entry speed of 192kts was going to hinder his time. He set a 1:03.027 for McLeod to beat. McLeod knew he had the line and the speed and just needed to do what he's been doing all week. McLeod was 0.724s ahead at the halfway point, and then picked up a two second penalty. He kept his cool and managed to collect that time and crossed the Finish Gate 0.078s faster than Brageot.

Heat 10
Sonka vs Ivanoff
Martin Sonka had a wing stall in Gate 18, that would've cost him some time. However, he still managed to put in an impressive 1:00.428 – the fastest time of the day at the point of flying. That time put the pressure on Nicolas Ivanoff to fly his personal best to get in the Final 4. He flew well, but a penalty at Gate 17 for incorrect level flying put the end to his day's racing.

Heat 11
Hall vs Muroya
Matt Hall wanted to get his season back on track. He pushed hard and at the first Vertical Turning Manoeuvre he exceeded the G-limit and was given a DNF. That meant that all Yoshihide Muroya had to do was post a clean time and he would be through to the Final 4 – which he duly did even though he collected a penalty.

Round of 8 results