Velarde scorches through the Round of 14 in wet Budapest

The Spanish pilot posts fastest time in Round of 14

Velarde was quickest in Round of 14

With lack of time in the track it all came down to experience and preparation in the Round of 14 in Budapest. Juan Velarde continued in his vein of form and posted a blistering time of 59.49s to see him into the Round of 8. His rival in the Round of 14, Yoshihide Muroya went through as the fastest loser. Here's how the Heats went...

Heat 1
Le Vot vs Arch
Eager to get in the track Le Vot exceeded the maximum G in a vertical turning manoeuvre. That meant that Hannes Arch just had to post a valid time in the track. Arch flew the only way he knew how and on the limit and in wet conditions posted a time of 59.77s which put him in the Round of 8.

Heat 2
Velarde vs Muroya
Velarde pulled out all the stops in his run and posted a time of 59.49 that put the pressure on Muroya, who would have to fly hard to secure his progress to the next round. At the first three spilt time Muroya was in front, but he lost time in the final section of the track and was 0.155s slower than the Spanish pilot.

Heat 3
McLeod vs Lamb
McLeod had a terrible run and collected penalties at both Gate 6 and Gate 7 for incorrect level flying. With 4s added to his time all Lamb had to do in his run was fly cleanly. Lamb picked up a penalty himself at Gate 7, but it was enough for him to go through to the Round of 8.

Heat 4
Goulian vs Ivanoff
Goulian was flying well but picked up a two second penalty for incorrect level flying at Gate 13. This gave Ivanoff a time of 1:02.934 to beat in his run. Ivanoff flew cleanly in his run and managed to be 2.454s faster than Goulian, so even without his penalty, he wouldn't have qualified for the Round of 8.

Heat 5
Hall vs Sonka
Hall was one of the few pilots that posted a time of sub one minute. He flew cleanly and looked back to his best. That left it for Martin Sonka to fly as well as he did in Budapest last year when he beat Matt Hall in the Round of 8. To try and beat Hall's time, Sonka pushed hard but, exceeded the maximum G limit and collected a DNF.

Heat 6
Podlunsek vs Chambliss
A break in the round due to the weather saw Podlunsek go out slightly later than expected, which could've put him off his game. He collected a penalty for incorrect level flying in Gate 7. Chambliss who topped the timesheet in Free Practice 2 knew that if he flew cleanly he would be in the Round of 8.
Chambliss flew a time of 1:01.151 which included a two second penalty for incorrect level flying. Without that penalty he would've posted the fastest time in the Round of 14.

Heat 7
Kopfstein vs Dolderer
In an attempt to get a fast time, Kopfstein was pushing all the way, but collected a two second penalty at the penultimate gate. Dolderer was faster in the first two splits and then picked up two penalties for incorrect level and looked to be out, but he somehow flew fast enough to claim his place in the Round of 8.


Official Round of 14 results: