Wiener Neustadt 2018: Challenger Class Race 1 reactions

After the first race of the double-headers the Challengers reflect

Chiang stepping up to the podium

It was a tough day for the Challengers in Race 1 of the weekend's double-header. There were plenty of penalties. Here's what the pilots thought of their flights...

1st Kenny Chiang
"I feel great. I'm just glad I had a penalty-free run, as that was the focus. I tried to fly a little more conservatively than in Free Practice 3, and I'm glad that the time was good. The win is definitely important, but I've got another race here and there's no time to relax now. I'm looking at things race by race, and focus is to improve tomorrow. After that we'll see."

2nd Daniel Ryfa
"I'm pleased with a second place – I wasn't expecting that for this race, as I've been flying in aircraft #1. I haven't been doing too well with it, it's a slow raceplane and it's very draggy in the VTM and in the training I haven't been doing well. I went all-in for the race and got the penalty, but the net time was good and I'm very pleased with everything at the moment, but we go again tomorrow."

3rd Baptiste Vignes
"I was a bit upset about my run because I got a penalty, but I think when you're racing you need a bit of luck and fortunately some of the other pilots made mistakes, and I finished third. So I'm happy, but disappointed with my actual flight. I also have to congratulate Kenny on his perfect run today. Now I have to focus on tomorrow because I have another race."

4th Patrick Davidson
"As a competitive person you're not satisfied unless you win. I was just 0.1 over [the G-limit], so it wasn't like I pulled 11G. I was perhaps just a little bit too enthusiastic in the track, I just tried to turn the plane around too fast, I could kick myself. But I can't be disappointed, fourth place amongst this guys is still really good."

5th Daniel Genevey
"I was disappointed with the penalty, I wasn't expecting it. Apart from that I flew quite clean and trying to avoid penalties I flew quite conservatively, but it didn't work. That's racing, I just need to focus on the next race, which is Indianapolis and it will be my first time there. There are positives to take out of today; I found my lines early and feel I'm getting better and better at handling the pressure as well."

6th Kevin Coleman
"I had no idea what happened. I just tried to do what I've been doing all week. It's all my fault, I made some mistakes I guess, and hopefully I can rebound from this and do well in Indy. It's been good here and the track is fun, so it's just disappointing not to do good."