Ascot 2016: Reactions Master Class Qualifying

Matthias Dolderer leads the way again in Qualifying at Ascot

Dolderer was top again

The pilots pushed hard in Qualifying today to get the best set up for the Round of 14 tomorrow. Here's what they thought of today's flying...

Matthias Dolderer
"I'm feeling relaxed and feeling good, actually. I found my rhythm from the first flight here in Ascot, and with the little over-G we had in the third Free Practice, that was an exercise for my technician. Overall I'm satisfied of course, and now we enjoy the moment, but today there are no points for Qualifying, so all eyes are on tomorrow. Sunday is a new day, a new chance for everyone."

Hannes Arch
"There is a big question mark over the engine and the raceplane, we don't know what it is. I'm happy with my lines and the way I'm flying, but we have a lot of work to do to make sure we're faster tomorrow. It's hard to make a plan for tomorrow, we have to sort our technical problems out and then we can make a plan."

Kirby Chambliss
"I thought my first run would be pretty fast, but it wasn't and the second run should've been faster. We'll take a look at the tapes and see where we can pick up some time. The plan for tomorrow is to win, we'll make the changes and try to end up on the podium.

Yoshihide Muroya
"We set good times today. In the first run we set a good time and knew we could push it more in run two, but we just couldn't catch Matthias. We have Kirby in the Round of 14 so it should be an interesting race."

Nicolas Ivanoff
"Free Practice 3 was good, I had found my line and I was feeling confident going into Qualifying. But I wasn't able to do the same in Qualifying. I'm not so happy, but it's ok. We have a good set up so I know I can fly well in the raceplane. I'm happy with it, but I have to analyse the difference between Free Practice 3 and Qualifying. I just have to be more consistent."

Nigel Lamb
"It's one of those days where you can hardly believe the time. I tried some slightly different things in the first run, which didn't really work very well. I rectified those in the second run and gained a second. With the time I had and the way I flew I can't believe the position I'm in. I have no clue where things went wrong."

Matt Hall
"I was really happy with how I flew the raceplane, but for some reason we just don't have the time or the speed, we're losing speed in the track. I flew the exact line, but we've yet to see what the outcome is, I need to analyse the data."

Martin Sonka
"I'm very happy with the first run, it was simply the moment when you feel you have everything under control and you're doing what the raceplane wants you to do. I was really focused on the flight. And I flew exactly how I wanted to fly."

Pete McLeod
"In the first run I flew my personal best time with no penalties, so ultimately we're doing what we need to do. We're not in first, but we're up there, so hopefully we've got a good draw going into the first round, which will be a nice change."

Francois Le Vot
"I'm very disappointed with training this morning, but I knew I had more to give. In the first Qualifying Run I made another mistake but I knew where I could correct it. In the final run I followed the exact line that my analyst set out for me so I know I am flying well."

Juan Velarde
"I'm happy with today's result, the first run was very good, very clean. And we had a good net time so we could push in the second run. So I pushed harder, and I picked up a penalty for incorrect level flying, but my net time was still good. I'm happy with the work we've been doing and the results we've got."

Michael Goulian
"The funny thing is I put the raceplane exactly where I wanted it to go. And it was looking good, we're just losing so much time in the vertical turning manoeuvres. We're losing 2.6 seconds in the three turns here. So I'm going to look at the videos tonight and see what we can do."

Peter Podlunsek
"The first run was much better today. We have to go through the data to see where I can go faster. Overall I'm satisfied as we're almost four seconds faster than where we were at the start of the race week.

Petr Kopfstein
"I'm really satisfied, the second run wasn't as fast as the first, but on the other side of the coin, it was clean. We've finally got the settings we want and we believe we can go even faster tomorrow."