Bergér sees off competitors in San Diego

Challenger Cup Champion shows why he’s got the title

San Diego Bay up close

Florian Bergér was back to his best in the San Diego sunshine this afternoon when he set a time that the other Challengers couldn't even get close to.

Bergér flew second in the race and set a time of 1:09.383 for the five other pilots to beat. American Kevin Coleman came closest but it seemed that the wind had picked up by the time Coleman flew and he was 1.419s slower than the German. Coleman had more testing conditions in his run, but it was still enough to see him come in second.

Luke Czepiela of Poland, who had been finding the racetrack difficult in San Diego, flew cleanly and collected his first podium of 2017 finishing third.

Daniel Genevey, who was competing for the first time, flew a clean round of flying in his first race in 1:15.115, which saw him more than five seconds behind the leader.

Baptiste Vignes, who flew his first race in Abu Dhabi, was also hoping to fly cleanly but due to the wind was pushed off his line and clipped a pylon, which put an end to his chance of a podium finish in only his second race.

Fellow debutant Kenny Chiang was looking very comfortable in the track but in quick succession he hit pylons at Gate 10 and Gate 14, which gave him six seconds' worth of penalties and saw him out of the points.

Challenger Cup San Diego 2017 results