Bergér takes Qualifying in style

Championship leader takes another timesheet top spot

Bergér claims top spot in Qualifying

Florian Bergér once again proved why he has every right to be the current Challenger Cup holder, with a faultless display in today's Qualifying session.

The German pilot knew smoothness was the only way to get the fastest time and that's exactly how he flew. He made sure he used as few inputs as possible to keep the energy in his raceplane and set a time of 1:20.742.

Closest to Bergér was new Challenger pilot, Daniel Genevey who posted a 1:20.999, which included a one second penalty for exceeding the start speed. If it wasn't for that penalty he would've beaten Bergér by 0.748s.

Ben Murphy was third in Qualifying, but he also picked up a one second penalty. His was for insufficient smoke and he would've remained in third even without that penalty.

Kenny Chiang flew cleanly in the track but was unable to get into the top four and finished with a time of 1:22.145.

Kevin Coleman had a nightmare run, finishing last after clipping a pylon at Gate 8. Without that he would have given himself a top three finish.

The Challenger Class will be back in action tomorrow for the Challenger Cup race taking place at 12:00 local time – catch all the action HERE!

Challenger Class Qualifying results