Bolton fastest in Challenger Cup Qualifying

The Chilean seems to have mastered the Fort Worth racetrack

Qualifying was tight in the Challenger Cup

Cristian Bolton is sitting in pole position after a fault-free Qualifying run that saw him pass the Finish Gate in 1:07.92. It's the first time Bolton has placed first in Qualifying and will boost his confidence ahead of Race Day.

"I'm very happy, this is the first time I've won Qualifying," said Bolton. "The wind was picking up and it felt like a completely different track than during training. The wind was pushing the raceplane through Gates 7 and 8, which are tricky to begin with, and it was bumpy as well, so it was quite complicated, but it's a fantastic track and I'm looking forward to the race tomorrow," he explained.

Hot on his heels was French pilot Mikael Brageot who has been topping the timing sheets this weekend, but when he laid down his time of 1:08.530 it gave Bolton the benchmark he knew he had to beat.

Current Challenger Cup Champion, Petr Kopfstein was looking good for the entire run right until he clipped the Finish Gate and picked up a penalty for the pylon hit. It seems as if Gate 8 was a problem for Peter Podlunsek who was penalised for an incorrect level flying at the same gate on his first lap. He still put in a time of 1:13.514, good enough for fourth place.

Fifth on the timing sheet was Germany's Florian Berger, he lost focus at Gate 10 and picked up a three second penalty for a pylon hit. And coming in last was Francis Barros who has struggled all week with the most technical track the pilots have faced this season. He's time was 1:20.834. Almost 13 seconds separated him and Bolton.

Official results from Challenger Cup Qualifying in Fort Worth: