Bonhomme takes decisive win in Fort Worth

British pilot wraps up Fort Worth with a dominating performance

Bonhomme, Hall and Muroya make up the Fort Worth podium

Paul Bonhomme saved the best 'til last, taking a decisive win in Fort Worth and extending his World Championship lead to 8 points ahead of the final stop of the season in Las Vegas next month.

Martin Sonka headed out for the third time as the first pilot out into the racetrack, setting the pace one last time in Fort Worth. The Round of 8 appeared to have taken it out of the wavering Czech pilot, as his focus slipped in the Final 4 and his aggressive flying got the better of him, with an incorrect level flying penalty at the notorious Gate 8, followed up by a pylon hit at the Finish Gate - leaving him with 1:02.900.

Britain's Paul Bonhomme was in search of a fourth win of the season and 12 World Championship points to keep title rival Matt Hall at arm's length. Bonhomme had voiced his concern about Gate 8, explaining that the Final 4 result could be determined on who successfully took a risk with the most aggressive and tightest racing lines in Gate 8. But he appeared to save the best 'til last – a successful entry into the track right bang on 200kts saw Bonhomme digging hard but staying relaxed through the track, knocking over 7.5s off Sonka's time and firmly placing himself in the chase with 55.285.

Muroya was pushing hard, with the podium in sight but the Japanese pilot couldn't find the horsepower to match Bonhomme's, before picking up 3s extra for a pylon hit, cutting his lines too tight in between the Gate 8 pylons. Muroya finished with 59.413.

It was all up to Matt Hall to remain in the top three to head into Las Vegas still in the race for the World Champion title. Hall entered the track 3kts slower than Bonhomme, but despite superb acceleration the first place finish was just out of reach for the Australian. With a clean and error-free run, Hall was still 0.767 off the pace, leaving Bonhomme to take his place on the top step of the podium for the fourth time this season.

Paul Bonhomme remains in the number one spot as the World Championship rankings leader, with 8 points clear of second place Matt Hall. Martin Sonka also sits in fourth place behind Austria's Hannes Arch, and with only two points between the two pilots ahead of Las Vegas.

Here are the official results from the Final 4 in Fort Worth: