Chiang takes the win in the first race of the double-header

In a two-race weekend Kenny Chiang has the advantage

Chiang wins Race 1

In a penalty-riddled race Kenny Chiang came out on top as the race winner and the only pilot to fly a clean run – showing that it can make all the difference.

Chiang was third into the track after Daniel Ryfa and Baptiste Vignes, both of whom picked up penalties in their runs, meaning Chiang knew that if he flew a clean run he would at least be on the podium. His time of 1:03.396 was quickest by far, and even if the others had flown penalty free, Chiang still would have won Race 1.

Even though Ryfa and Vignes picked up penalties in their runs for incorrect level flying, they were still quick enough to claim second and third respectively.

Kevin Coleman was fourth into the track and flew a run that he won't want to watch back and analyse. It went wrong almost immediately for Coleman. He picked up 10 seconds of penalties in total, which began at Gate 2. The pilot was off his line and couldn't correct it and ended up last in the race.

Daniel Genevey followed Coleman in and he too picked up a penalty for incorrect level. His VTMs weren't very strong and he lost time. His net time was one of the slowest and he'll be looking to improve for Indy.

New Challenger Patrick Davidson was last to fly and was looking like he was going to steal a podium finish, but an over-G at Gate 5 saw him drop to fourth and miss out on his second podium in a row.

This result sees Ryfa back on top of the leaderboard and Chiang has moved up to fourth. Come back tomorrow for the Challenger Wiener Neustadt Race 2 which begins at 12:40CET. You can follow all the racing action HERE.

Wiener Neustadt 2018 Challenger Class Race 1 results


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