Davidson excels in Challenger Qualifying

The new Challenger outperforms his rivals ahead of tomorrow's race

The Challengers are ready for tomorrow's race

South African pilot Patrick Davidson used today's windy conditions in Qualifying to his advantage and took the top spot with a time of 1:10.886, but his competitors weren't far behind.

Davidson spends a lot of time flying in Port Elizabeth, known as South Africa's 'Windy City' so today's blowy conditions were perfect for the pilot in his first season. It's also the second Qualifying session in a row that Davidson has won.

Current Challenger Champion Florian Bergér was extremely close to Davidson, finishing with a time that was just 0.059s slower. The other new Challenger, Dario Costa was third with a time of 1:11.459.

Kenny Chiang, who was quickest this morning in FP3, could only set a time of 1:11.570 which saw him finish in fourth. Chiang was 0.684s behind Davidson.

After Chiang there was a big gap in the times, with Baptiste Vignes in fifth. The Frenchman was 1.596s off the lead and behind him was Daniel Genevey – his time of 1:13.896 was almost three seconds slower.

Kevin Coleman had a run he'd like to forget, picking up four seconds in penalties in his run, but the American can take solace in the fact that he has won races from finishing last in Qualifying before.

The Challenger Class race starts at 11:45 local time tomorrow and you can watch all the action live, right HERE.

Indianapolis 2018 Challenger Class Qualifying results