Dolderer flies through to Round of 14

The home pilot was the quickest in the opening round of Race Day

Dolderer is happy with his performance

Matthias Dolderer put his disappointing times from earlier in the week to one side as he put in the fastest time of the Round of 14. His closest rivals are also through and still looking to take the top spot. Michael Goulian claimed his spot in the Round of 8 as the fastest loser. Here's what happened...

Heat 1
Le Vot vs McLeod
Le Vot had the unenviable task of going first into the track. In the wet, cool conditions Le Vot put in a time of 57.224s. McLeod had two 54s laps in the build up to the Round of 14. McLeod flew smoothly and crossed the Start/Finish Gate in 55.552s, 1.672s faster than Le Vot.

Heat 2
Velarde vs Arch
Velarde had struggled in the previous runs trying to get used to the tight, twisty track. He flew cleanly and managed to post a time of 55.972s – the fastest time he has flown this week. Arch had an issue with his EFIS and had to pull away before entering the track. He reset and was able to fly into the track. He was behind Velarde at spilt one and two, but his ability to keep the speed in his raceplane was enough to see him through to the Round of 8 by 0.304s.

Heat 3
Kopfstein vs Chambliss
Kopfstein had been flying well in Germany. He set a time of 56.238s, which was impressive for the newcomer to the Master Class. Kirby Chambliss had to focus to beat Kopfstein's time. Chambliss blew Kopfstein away with a time of 54.736s, more than a second quicker than his rival.

Heat 4
Ivanoff vs Muroya
Nicolas Ivanoff was flying cleanly until Gate 10 when he was given a two second penalty for incorrect level flying. This set a time of 57.088s for Muroya to beat. At the first split, Muroya was quicker than Ivanoff, but then exceeded the G limit at the first high-G turn, putting an end to his day and letting Ivanoff off his penalty mistake.

Heat 5
Goulian vs Dolderer
The American flew a perfect round posting a time of 54.263s, a time that Dolderer had been unable to match in Free Practice or Qualifying. The German had it all to do in front of his home fans. Dolderer was faster than the first split and didn't look back. He finished his run in just 53.528s putting him into the Round of 8.

Heat 6
Podlunsek vs Hall
Podlunsek had been unable to fly cleanly through the Lausitz track. He knew that he'd have to fly clean and fast if he was going to beat Hall. He picked up a penalty at Gate 10 for incorrect level flying and set a time of 57.614s, which would've have been very competitive without the penalty. Hall did what Hall does best and flew a perfect run setting a time of 53.816s.

Heat 7
Sonka vs Lamb
After his DQ in Qualifying, Sonka needed to refocus and make sure he was ready for the Round of 14. Sonka collected an incorrect level flying penalty at Gate 3 but still put in a competitive time of 55.601s. Lamb, who currently holds the track record, had to just fly clean to make sure he was through. However, he collected a penalty at Gate 11 for incorrect level and had a final time of 56.008s, which wasn't enough to see him through.