Dolderer shows skills in Round of 14

Six pilots lost out in the first round, here's how it went down at the IMS

Dolderer leads the way

It was an excellent first round at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Matthias Dolderer showed why he is leading the World Championship, with the fastest time of the round, but still hot on his heels is Matt Hall. Here's what happened in the heats of the Round of 14...

Heat 1
Kopfstein vs Velarde
It's never great having to go first on Race Day, the pilot can't get a gauge on the conditions in the track, however Kopfstein flew cleanly and posted a time of 1:06.133. Velarde was 0.021s behind at the first spilt but in front again by the second. He pushed on and finished 0.149s faster than Kopfstein.

Heat 2
Ivanoff vs Dolderer
The French pilot laid down a time of 1:05.026 for Dolderer to beat. It was a clean, error-free flight and was a marker for the World Championship leader to aim for. The German pilot was solid from the start and put in a blistering time of 1:03.661 which puts him another step closer to the title.

Heat 3
Goulian vs Sonka
The American, flying at his home race had been flying well in Free Practice. His times were close to Sonka in all the previous sessions. In his heat he flew a clean 1:06.534, which he was disappointed with. At the first spilt time Sonka was already 0.5s faster, but then collected a two second penalty for incorrect level flying, leaving it all for him to do. But Sonka flew hard and was able to beat Goulian's time by just 0.141s.

Heat 4
Le Vot vs Lamb
Francois Le Vot likes this track, but just can't get the speed out of his raceplane. He finished his run in 1:07.597 with a one second penalty for an Operational Violation in the vertical turning manoeuvre. Lamb, the other Breitling pilot, is enjoying this track and he showed that when he crossed the Finish Gate 2.613s faster than Le Vot.

Heat 5
Chambliss vs McLeod
Kirby Chambliss always wants to win, especially at his home races and he flew very smoothly in his Round of 14 run, posting a time 1:05.045. His time put pressure on McLeod and the Canadian knew he had to fly cleanly. McLeod was faster by the first split time and flying well. He was getting quicker and quicker, but picked up a penalty at Gate 13 and was slower. However, Chambliss was Disqualified for exceeding the RPM limit and that meant that McLeod was through to the Round of 8.

Heat 6
Podlunsek vs Hall
Podlunsek has struggled in this racetrack and collected a penalty at Gate 6 for sinking in the gate. His total time was 1:06.660 and going up against Matt Hall was always going to be tough. Hall did what he always does best, flew cleanly and smoothly and finished his run in 1:04.172, more than two seconds faster than Podlunsek.

Heat 7
Bolton vs Muroya
New Master Class pilot Cristian Bolton knew the pressure was on in his first Round of 14 heat. The Chilean was flying well until Gate 10, where he picked up a two second penalty for incorrect level flying. It gave Muroya a time to beat of 1:08.532. Muroya picked up two penalties in his run, but his experience and calmness saw him keep his head and he was able to go through to the Round of 8.

Round of 14 results