Dolderer smashes track record in thrilling Round of 14

German pilot fastest with home hero Nigel Lamb blistering through with second fastest time

Dolderer wows at Ascot

Matthias Dolderer did it again in Ascot when he flew through the track in 1:03.715 – a new track record. Nigel Lamb put a smile on the home fans' faces when he powered through his heat and Petr Kopfstein heads through as the fastest loser. Here's how the Round of 14 went down...

Heat 1 
Goulian vs McLeod
Michael Goulian was 10th in Qualifying but knew what he had to do today. He posted a time of 1:05.783 – his fastest of the weekend – and had to wait to see if McLeod could lay down a faster time. McLeod has been blowing hot and cold all season, but was able to beat Goulian by 0.407s and find himself in the Round of 8.

Heat 2
Lamb vs Velarde
Nigel Lamb was impressive in his run posting a 1:04.251 – a new track record at the time. He flew clean and smart and gave the home fans something to cheer about. Velarde had to push as hard as possible if he was going to beat Lamb's time. Veralrde was green at the first split, but as he tried to push his way into the Round of 8 he picked up a two-second penalty for incorrect level flying and saw the end of his Race Day.

Heat 3
Kopfstein vs Ivanoff
Petr Kopfstein has been improving in every run at the Ascot track and posted a 1:05.726 in his heat, his fastest time of the weekend. And faster than any time Ivanoff had posted before his run. Ivanoff, however, has always had the ability to turn it on just when he needs to most, and he did here, posting a lightning 1:04.775 enough to see him through as the heat winner. Kopfstein's time was quick enough to see him go through as the Fastest Loser.

Heat 4
Chambliss vs Muroya
Kirby Chambliss has been struggling for speed all week in Ascot and was only able to post a time of 1:06.179. Yoshihide Muroya had to fly as well as he did in Qualifying to make sure he would go through to the Round of 8. Muroya was behind at the first split time, but after the high-G turn he gained momentum and was quicker than Chambliss by nearly two seconds.

Heat 5
Hall vs Arch
Matt Hall threw down the challenge to Hannes Arch with a hard-to-beat time of 1:04.717. Arch had been suffering with engine problems and the set up of his raceplane. He seemed to be over those problems but was unable to improve on Hall's time and set 1:05.883, which wasn't enough to see him go through as the fastest loser.

Heat 6
Podlunsek vs Sonka
Peter Podlunsek has been improving since the modifications to his raceplane, his goal is to steadily improve. He flew cleanly in the Round of 14 posting a time of 1:07.044 for his rival Martin Sonka to beat. Sonka was second fastest in Qualifying and just had to repeat his lines to ensure a pass into the Round of 8. Sonka made it difficult for himself as he collected a penalty at Gate 2 for incorrect level flying. But the rest of his run was perfect and he went through just 0.060s faster than Podlunsek.

Heat 7
Le Vot vs Dolderer
Francois Le Vot openly admits that his raceplane just isn't quick enough in the track. He flew cleanly and posted his fastest time of the weekend: 1:07.615. Dolderer who has been on form all season just had to fly as he has done all week to make sure he got through to the Round of 8. Dolderer did even better than that when he stormed through the track in a time of 1:03.715, taking the track record with him.