Hall sets the scene for first race win

Hall is here to win in Budapest

It's already shaping up to be a classic Hall vs Bonhomme clash as the Aussie and Brit battled for the top spot on the Training timesheets in the fourth round of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

Matt Hall is back and on fine form, continuing in the same vein as he did in Rovinj with a cool, calm and collected performance out on the racetrack. Where some pilots struggled to fly cleanly through Gates 2, 4 and 5, Hall could not be swayed from flying with punishing pace, even with a challenging Paul Bonhomme on his case.

Storming ahead of the field by almost 1.5s, Hall set the bar early with 58.693s in Run 1 of Training 1. Bonhomme, last out into the track, entered the track in the green on the split times, but soon fell behind the pace and couldn't quite match Hall's speed and precision, trailing by +0.673s.

Training 2 was a familar story, with Yoshi Muroya claiming the top spot mid-session, before Hall set the fastest time of the day with 57.775s. Again, Bonhomme's first split saw him momentarily surge ahead of Hall, but the Brit couldn't find the momentum in the track and ultimately saw a margin of +1.031s grow between the first and second place finished in the last Training session of the day.

Rovinj winner Hannes Arch seemed to be testing his limits every which way out on the racetrack, clocking in an array of penalties and DNF results. But with his erratic performance giving way to a stellar Final 4 finish at the last World Championship stop, there's no telling yet whether the Austrian will prove to be a last-minute challenger for the race win here in Hungary.

Photo: Joerg Mitter/RBAR

Here are the official results from the Masters' Training 1 and Training 2 sessions:

Official Masters Training 1 results:

Official Masters Training 2 results:

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