Having the home advantage

Several Master Class Budapest their second home

Podlunsek in the Budapest track

Every athlete and team, no matter what the sport, will often mention the 'home advantage'. Having the crowd cheer you on can give you a huge boost and improve your performance. Although it will always been known as Peter Besenyei's home race, a few of the other pilots will claim Budapest as theirs.

Three of the Master Class pilots consider the race over the Danube their 'home race'. Slovenian pilot Peter Podlunsek, and Czech pilots Martin Sonka and Petr Kopfstein will have hundreds of fans lining up along the river to cheer them on this weekend. And can it give them a boost...

At the 2015 race in Budapest Sonka claimed a podium finish when he came in third place. He has happy memories of this track and is looking forward to Sunday's race. "I consider this a home race – it's the closest one to the Czech Republic and a lot of people will be coming over. If they are going to come to one race, it will be Budapest. It's my favourite location on the calendar as well," he said.

Although both Peter Podlunsek and Petr Kopfstein raced here last year in the Challenger Cup, this year they will be flying under the bridge for the first time in the Master Class. Both pilots will also benefit from having support coming from their home countries.

"A lot of people will come here from Slovenia this weekend to watch the racing," said Podlunsek, who claimed a podium in the Budapest Challenger Class race last year. "That makes it like a home race for me, which is great! I love having people cheering me on," he added.

The Budapest race inspired Kopfstein to become a Red Bull Air Race pilot. "It's such an iconic location, I remember coming here in 2005 and watching the racing, and now I'm here, flying under the Chain Bridge, it's great," said Kopfstein. "There will be a lot of Czech fans here watching the racing, which will make it feel like my home race. I have a lot friends coming over so hopefully we can do well," he concluded.