Indianapolis 2017 reactions: Challenger Class Qualifying

It’s the last chance to impress before the race

Astles before her run

The six finalists of the 2017 Challenger Cup have had their final run in the track before Race Day. Here's how they're feeling ahead of the race...

Florian Bergér
"I flew clean, but I was not quick enough. I don't know what I can do, I will have to check the video. I've checked it once, but can't see what I can do. I'm upset with myself. I will push myself tomorrow, I have nothing to lose."

Daniel Ryfa
"The conditions were not too bad and I thought I had a good plan for the run, but I picked up a penalty at Gate 8, which I'd done earlier and I was trying to avoid it. I'm very upset, my time wasn't good. I'm last and will have to fly first tomorrow. The weather is going to be so different tomorrow so flying first is not good. I'll be the donkey and everyone else will be able to learn from my mistakes."

Luke Czepiela
"Last year was fabulous for me here, it was my first win. I hope to repeat it here. I was solid in Qualifying and getting faster all the time – I'm getting better. I was second in Qualifying and hoping to go one better tomorrow. I'm a big fan of the static start, but the VTM is tricky, there is really only one line that everyone has to take, so it's going to be tight."

Kevin Coleman
"I think that was the slowest I've been all week, which isn't very good. I think the wind is picking up, but that's no excuse. When I was in the track I thought I'd killed it, but when I heard my time, I thought 'oh, I didn't kill'. We have a long night as the weather will be completely different tomorrow, so we'll be working hard this evening."

Melanie Astles
"This is a nervous game, starting the race from the takeoff immediately. This track is difficult because it's hard to know where to make a difference, and once again in the Challenger Class everyone is so close, the times are so tight. Tomorrow is going to be a new challenge because the wind is going to change, so I'm going to erase everything now and start from zero again in the race."

Ben Murphy
"This morning was good in FP3; I decided to be a little more assertive with the raceplane and put it where I wanted to. I did it again in Qualifying, but maybe pushed it too hard as I was a bit ragged. It's great to have got used to the track, but it will be a very different track tomorrow."

You can see how the Challenger Cup will pan out from 13:00 local tomorrow. Catch all the action right HERE!