Lamb storms his way into Final 4

A pylon hit still didn't keep Lamb out of the final round

Lamb in the track

Nigel Lamb clipped a pylon in his Round of 8 heat, but was still able to force his way into the Final 4 with some fantastic flying. The other heats were just as thrilling...
Heat 8
McLeod vs Ivanoff
After being reprieved McLeod was first up and posted a clean, fast time of 1:04.525, which put the pressure on Ivanoff. The French pilot was slow out of the blocks and was 0.163s behind at the first slip and he just couldn't get that time back and crossed the Finish Gate more than a second slower than McLeod.

Heat 9
Velarde vs Lamb
Juan Velarde was to fly first in his heat. Both pilots had posted similar times during the days leading up to the race. He was flying well but over rolled in Gate 4 and was given a two second penalty for incorrect level flying. He picked up two more seconds in Gate 13 for the same infringement, making it easy for Lamb. The British pilot was three seconds ahead at the first split and never looked like losing the round, but he hit a pylon and collected a three second penalty. His fast flying was enough to still see him through.

Heat 10
Sonka vs Hall
Martin Sonka is one of the three fastest pilots of the weekend and he was flying exceptionally well until Gate 14 when he clipped a pylon and finished with the time of 1:07.446. Hall, who is chasing down Matthias Dolderer just had to fly cleanly to put himself into the Final 4. At the first spilt, Hall was 2.743s faster and was always going to take the heat from there on. By the end of his round, he was 3.124s quicker than Sonka.

Heat 11
Muroya vs Dolderer
Muroya claimed the track record in Qualifying so he knew he could fly fast in this track. He flew cleanly and posted a time of 1:03.730, putting a lot of pressure on Dolderer. He has been on form all season and would've seen that as a challenge for him. He flew the best round of the of day so far and finished with a time of 1:02.827, more than enough to see him though.