Lausitz 2016: Master Class Race Day reactions

The pilots have the last word on round six at the EuroSpeedway

Hall couldn't hide his joy

Thank you Germany! What a fantastic race that marks it as one of the most exciting in the season yet. Here's how the 14 Master Class pilots sum up their day...

1st Matt Hall
"This track did suit our style, but the happiest thing is that we're in a groove again. So the plan is no mistakes and always fast. I've got nothing to lose: I've been second in the World Championship before, and I've raced right to the wire in the Las Vegas final before – Matthias hasn't. We'll just take it one race at a time and see what happens."

2nd Matthias Dolderer
"I'm super happy with my second place. I didn't feel the pressure, my team made sure I was able to focus on my flying. It was amazing to walk out of the hangar, raise my hands and have everybody cheering. For the rest of the season our goal is to fly consistent and concentrate on ourselves. I can't control anyone else's flight, I have to fly my own race. We'll be going for the win in the next two races."

3rd Pete McLeod
"It's been a tough year for us, but we're always pushing the limits. I liked the track here since we arrived and was posting good times throughout. I did everything I could today and I'm still a little off the pace, but we'll take what we learned here and use it at the next races. We like the smaller tighter tracks, which we'll have in the US, so we'll run our race and put pressure on the other guys."

4th Martin Sonka
"I'm happy we managed to get into the Final 4, but when you are the fourth one you aren't really that happy. Everything bad happened and it was my piloting mistake. I stalled the raceplane in both pull-ups. I'm always saying that the raceplane flies well and the team is working well, then I find a way to make another mistake that I haven't done before! I just have to stop making mistakes and then hopefully we will go very fast. That is the goal for the last two stops."

5th Hannes Arch
"Not getting into the Final 4 is really disappointing after losing in the Round of 8 by 2/1000ths of a second. It was still my mistake and I positioned myself wrong in the Round of 14 with a slow time against a fast pilot. As a result, I got knocked out, that's the heat system and that's the sport. The season is not over yet and there are still two races. Matthias is further ahead and I'm not sure if theoretically I can catch him."

6th Michael Goulian
"Just being here at the EuroSpeedway with all the German fans has been electric. It's what we want when we race. Due to Martin's DQ I moved up one place and was then in the unlucky position to fly against Matthias, so I had to go out there and give it my all. I flew as hard as I could and hoped that Matthias would have to make a mistake. It wasn't up to Matthias, but we went through as the fastest loser, which we knew we could do. In the Round of 8 it was one of these things were we have to be pleased that we went out there and laid two perfect laps. I'll take sixth, but I'd like to be in the Final 4. We're having a good time and looking forward to going back to the US."

7th Nicolas Ivanoff
"The week was not really nice for me – Free Practice and Qualifying went really bad. In the Round of 14 I made a mistake, but Yoshi made a bigger mistake with the over-G. Then in the round of 8 I didn't make a mistake, but I was against someone very fast. I need to fly better from the beginning of the week and not just on Sunday."

8th Kirby Chambliss
"I was trying to change a few things to shave off a fraction of a second and probably thinking about that when I should have been thinking about going through the gate. I loved this track – it's somewhat technical, which I normally like, and the gate that I hit was just a silly thing. I'll be looking to win the next race in front of my home fans."

9th Juan Velarde
"It's been a really difficult weekend for us. The track has been very challenging, very technical. I think today wasn't a bad run – but still in the second vertical turning manoeuvre I stalled the raceplane, and that took probably a half a second, which was enough for Hannes to pass. So I'm disappointed, but that's the way it is. I'm sure the next race in Indianapolis will be exciting; the venue is incredible."

10th Nigel Lamb
"The format is a roll of the dice, and you just have to fly against the clock and yourself. Sometimes you can develop a strategy, but for me today, I had to go for it – and if you want to go fast you're on the verge of a penalty at almost every gate. I know that we have the form, the raceplane is fast and our team has all the tools to do the job. I flew very well in the track, and that's life."

11th Petr Kopfstein
"We liked the track a lot the whole week, but it didn't work today as planned. It didn't seem that bad when I was flying it, so we need to look and see what happened. To me the weather was no influence – I expected the wind to be stronger, but in the end it wasn't. I wouldn't blame the weather for my slower time. We'll just try to focus on our best lines, our best flying for the last two races and get more experience."

12th Francois Le Vot
"This is my favourite track so far. I had a lot of fun here – it was very exhilarating... Obviously on this last day the conditions weren't the best, and I was cautious in the track because my plane can have a wing stall quite easily in this kind of weather. But I did my best and I have nothing to regret."

13th Peter Podlunsek
"I'm happy with the flight – it was the best flight for us all weekend, and I'm satisfied with our race. This track at Lausitz was one of the tightest and fastest, and at the beginning it was quite difficult. But throughout the trainings we got better and better, and today I showed I could fly tight and smooth."

14th Yoshihide Muroya
"In the early gates I pulled a little bit more and had a G issue. The weather didn't matter. The plane is flying well, so we don't expect to make big changes to it before the next race in Indianapolis."