McLeod back to maxpower with Qualifying top spot

Youngest pilot in the World Championship clocks in fastest Qualifying time

Pete McLeod flew seamlessly in Qualifying

Despite suffering engine issues in earlier Training sessions, Pete McLeod was on pace this afternoon, taking a first place finish Qualifying here in Las Vegas.

The Canadian has clocked up the most Qualifying top spots this season and taken two third-place finishes in Abu Dhabi and Fort Worth, but a race win has so far eluded the youngest pilot in the field.

Following up on his run of podium successes, Nigel Lamb has put in a series of strong performances in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway track, leaving fellow World Champion contenders Hannes Arch and Paul Bonhomme languishing down in the midfield. Bonhomme appeared to struggle in his second run, picking up a penalty for no smoke with the Brit's Edge also looking a little overwhelmed in the high desert temperatures.

And fresh from his Training success, Dolderer has continued to push for his first podium of the season, landing a third place finish in Qualifying. After a series of close calls for a podium finishes this season, could Las Vegas herald celebrations for the German pilot?

Here are the official Masters Qualifying results:

Full race report to follow.