Pilots get water wings in safety session

Pilots took part in underwater emergency escape training before Abu Dhabi

Podlunsek completes his SWET training

Ahead of the first round of 2016, the Red Bull Air Race Master Class and Challenger Cup pilots were put through their paces in Abu Dhabi with a series of underwater emergency escape techniques, known as "Shallow Water Egress Training" (SWET).

SWET training enables the pilots to develop specific safety skills and gain valuable experience by practicing underwater escape techniques in a realistic environment. Under the guidance of a specialist team and using a stripped back fuselage submerged in a pool, the pilots carried out a series of drills designed to familiarise them with breathing apparatus, as well as the correct techniques for exiting a fuselage under water and dealing with disorientation.

Hannes Arch is shown how to use his air canister.
Kirby Chambliss prepare to be submerged in the stripped down fuselage.
Matthias Dolderer practises his underwater breathing technique.

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship operates under the strictest safety regulations and is backed by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), which supports the safety supervision at all races.