Pilots react to Qualifying

11 men have work cut out as undefeated Arch gets full house

Hannes Arch takes posts two sub 56 second times in Qualifying during the final of the 2014 Red Bull Air Race in Spielberg, Austria.

Posting two sub 56 times in Qualifying, it seems there's no stopping Hannes Arch on his home turf. The pilots have their say...

1. Hannes Arch

"We know exactly where we get the time out of the track. After I heard my first time I just went to my limits and flew on the edge and basically it worked out fine. We're using the same setup we've used all year but I really prepared hard in the simulator and we really got into the details of this track. For me it feels good; I am really confident. But I also know Paul and Nigel will study the lines and they will be fast tomorrow. I just want to race here and enjoy it, and right now that's working for me."

2. Matthias Dolderer

"It went down really well today. Despite my penalty, my second run was even better than my first. I don't yet know why I got a penalty but I'll be looking back to see where I went wrong. It's a comfortable track; I feel good here. I think I've got the course but there are several ways to fly it as you can see from the different ways Hannes, Paul and Pete are flying it. I won't change anything with my flying tomorrow. I hope it goes well. Let's see."

3. Martin Sonka

"So far not bad! I think I could still fly a little bit smoother. Before the last Training we changed the air intake; maybe this one is a little bit better. I can't notice it when I'm flying but you can see the difference in the times. I also flew a better trajectory in the track, so we're satisfied. If everything goes well then hopefully you'll see our first podium of the year, but we'll see."

4. Nigel Lamb

"I'm obviously very, very disappointed. I didn't think I flew that badly but three other guys flew better than me so what can I say? Hopefully we'll be able to find some errors tonight. Hannes' time was pretty stunning. Maybe he was on half throttle for the rest of the week, I don't know, but maybe he just feels at home up in the trees and the Alps. I'm very comfortable too, but he's just flying better so hopefully tomorrow we can reverse that."

5. Matt Hall

"It's definitely cooler today and the conditions are really nice out there at the moment; it's a really still and flat track. I think everyone's really finding their lines now. I think it takes a little while to find the line but once you've found it and the longer you spend flying it the better you get at it. I was pretty close to Hannes' line in Training but he's been flying that one line for every flight, so he's the one who definitely knows the track the best."

6. Paul Bonhomme

"Clearly we've got some work to do! We thought we were on the right track. What did happen today was the wind came up, went down, came up and went down again, so that might be a factor; we'll look at that. We're mystified why were all around about the same time and now Hannes has a second advantage; we'd love to know how he's doing that. We've looked at the lines, we've looked at everything else but who knows? We're definitely not going to give up because as we've seen on Race Day, anything can happen."

7. Yoshihide Muroya

"We made some engine changes yesterday and we're a little tighter in the turns now, so that made a big difference. I'm getting better and better so I'll just do my best tomorrow. And if I do my best then it's an easy way to get on the podium."

8. Kirby Chambliss

"I thought that was a pretty good run but everybody else is putting down pretty solid times also. The track's probably a little bit faster than yesterday. You know, we're doing what we can do. We'll try to change a few things for tomorrow. I felt like I was on the line but nobody's flying perfectly; there's another half a second out there somewhere. Plan for tomorrow is just to try to go fast!"

9. Michael Goulian

"Everybody's figured out the line, everybody knows what to do and everybody's pushing just a little bit harder than they did in practice. I told Dennis [Sawyer] before I got into the aeroplane that we'd be happy with anything in the 57s but maybe I should've said anything in the 56s! I'm not sure I could fly the plane any better than I did back there; I was proud of that. Our team is feeling really good, so it's just fun to be here, fun to fly and fun to be on the edge."

10. Nicolas Ivanoff

"Yesterday I didn't post a very good time and today I tried to be clean on my line but I'm still so slow, I don't know why. We did a small modification to the air intake so maybe it's that but I really don't know. I'll have to check the video and compare it to yesterday's. I felt better in the track today but I don't know, we'll have to check if the engine is running ok."

11. Pete McLeod

"The penalty was close but they've been calling those this weekend, so the big thing for me actually is that I've got the plane running fast. In the last Training today we didn't quite have the engine set up how we wanted it and it showed in the times; I was flying clean but was still two seconds off the pace. We were able to fix that for Qualifying. Both the over G and the incorrect level were close but that's the way it goes. If you're out pushing the edge then that's what you get. I'm not actually that disappointed because other than those things we're right up there for podium contention."

12. Peter Besenyei

"I had two good flights without any mistakes and I cannot fly a different line because that's obviously the best line. I'm still losing 1.5 seconds in each Vertical Turn because I cannot pull any more – this is to do with my wing profile. I did my best and that's where we are are now."