Reactions: Master Class Race Day in Spielberg

Wow! What a fantastic day of racing, here’s what the pilots had to say...

Hall gets his first win!

Matt Hall claimed his first win in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Hannes Arch didn't get out of the Round of 14 in front of his home fans. It's been an amazing day of racing, with the bar continuously raised at every stop. Here's what the pilots thought:

1st Matt Hall
"It's been an amazing day. It feels bloody good, I've finally got that monkey off my back! To win here was very special because my family has travelled all the way from Australia to be here. For them to be here and watch me win my first race was very special to me. Standing on the podium and listening to the Australian National Anthem was probably the best thing I've ever done. We went into the Final 4 determined to stop being the bridesmaid. I said at Ascot that I'd take more of a risk in the Final 4. We pulled out all the stops and I got pretty close to a pylon. It was a very hard race and a very tight race. It's probably the most difficult race I've ever done in my career. We're coming to the end of the season and I would hate to finish the year conservatively and to come second, I'd rather finish aggressively and come second and feel that I've done everything to try and win the World Championship."

2nd Paul Bonhomme
"I've just been doing some maths and working out where it went wrong but I think it boils down to how we set the [engine] mixture. It didn't quite pay off but I'm pleased that we threw down a good time. The wind was a headache today but it calmed down fortunately and we got a healthy Round of 8 and Final 4. I'm not thinking about the World Championship. Racing is fraught with trip wires and banana skins and anybody can have a bad day. All we're interested in now is the first training session in Fort Worth. We're not worried about World Championship points – that's something to talk about in the bar after Las Vegas. I absolutely hate being beaten by an Australian! For an Englishman to be beaten by an Australian is really, really bad news!"

3rd Kirby Chambliss
"It's been a long time coming and I was starting to forget what that champagne smells like. A few years back I wouldn't have been happy with third but right now I'm stoked. I was happy with my flying and just went out there to try to land some consistent times. I'm going to have my winglets in Fort Worth, I'm looking forward to flying there and hoping they'll give me that little bit more speed. This is perfect as the next race is Dallas, and I'm excited about winning anywhere but it's great to win in your own home country."

4th Martin Sonka
"I'm satisfied with being in the Final 4, but it's always a disappointment when you don't take that next step onto the podium. Hopefully next time I'll do even better. It was challenging out there with the strong winds, but I'm happy with how I flew in each round. I flew exactly how I planned and stayed on the line. I'm satisfied with today."

5th Pete McLeod
"It was rough out there today, I took a more conservative approach in the Round of 8, but I was surprised with how slow my time was. I felt a lot better in the raceplane – certainly better than at Ascot, but I thought I had it in me to get into the Final 4. I'm focusing on next year now. So we're looking at all the data we've collected to see what we can do for 2016. The World Championship is gone now so it's time to look forward."

6th Matthias Dolderer
"I'm pretty disappointed, there's no chance against Matt, his raceplane is so fast and he's flying so well. I'm losing confidence with every round and I don't know what to do. Maybe it's a mental problem, I need to get rid of collecting penalties."

7th Michael Goulian
"This was the race for me to win, but my EFIS system was faulty and not reading the correct speed. It was jumping all around and when I entered the track I was only flying at 180kts. You can't win a race when you're 20kts off the pace. I had it in me today to get to the Final 4. I was posting fast times on Friday and you're not going to win when you rely on equipment and that equipment doesn't work."

8th Peter Besenyei
"I flew exactly the same line in the Round of 8 as I did in the Round of 14, but I was Disqualified for infringing the crowd line. I was third fastest in the Round of 14 and my Round of 8 run was going to be even quicker, so I should've been in the Final 4. I really liked the conditions today and each flight in the new raceplane is getting better and better."

9th Nicolas Ivanoff
"It wasn't enough today, I'm out and can not play again today. My goal for the rest of this season is still to reach the Final 4 and get on the podium. The World Championship is not for me this year, but I still want to win. I'm hoping the tracks in the US will be similar to how they were last year because we were good in America last year."

10th Yoshihide Muroya
"The raceplane is flying good and my time wasn't bad, but I got a penalty. I've looked at the video and I don't think I was at an incorrect level, so I'm disappointed with that. We're going to have to go to Dallas with the raceplane with the same settings as we'll have no time with it."

11th Juan Velarde
"It was a difficult run. The conditions were tough today. We could see it was turbulent with a lot of wind, but it still surprised me. I tried to change my line but I got the pylon hit and then got the next penalty quickly afterwards – it's a shame but that's the way it is. Our goal for the rest of the season is to get into the Round of 8. As a team we're on the right path and we're evolving and improving."

12th Hannes Arch
"Of course I'm disappointed. As I was approaching the Start Gate I was thrown around and went into the pylon. That was it and I pulled up because with my calculations I knew there was no chance against Kirby. I think it was a smart decision and it's very disappointing for me, but that's sport and that's life. But it will not be my last race. I'm most disappointed for the fans, I feel sorry for them, but that's racing and I hope they'll come and see me again. The World Championship is away from me now, but it's important I still go for it in the final two races."

13th Nigel Lamb
"I had a lot of problems getting the entry speed right, which led to bad times on Friday. I saw Mike had got a one second penalty but I knew I couldn't take it easy. On Friday the speed washed off as I entered the track. This didn't happen today, as I went through the Start Gate and instead of being at 197kts, I was at 202. I'm really disappointed as it's the first time I've not been through to the second round since 2009. It's a massive disappointment, but that's racing it can be bittersweet. Last year it was sweet in Spielberg, this year it's bitter."

14th François Le Vot
"I was Disqualified for a crowd line infringement. I wasn't prepared for that because it hasn't happened before, but I'm still learning. I saw pilots struggling with the conditions today but I went into the track perfectly. There was no point taking any risks against Paul, as he has so much experience. If I was flying against Juan, I would take risks because there is a chance I could win. Today I thought if I could get round I would not finish last because two others already had collected DNFs. I went out relaxed and thought I would go risk free. After I hit the pylon I was still calm, but maybe I relaxed too much in the turn and infringed the crowd line."