Reactions: Race Day in Chiba

The pilots offer their thoughts after Japan's first Red Bull Air Race

Bonhomme makes it two out of two

Record crowds witnessed an amazing Race Day filled with action. Japan's debut race was a huge success, here's the final words from the pilots:

1st Paul Bonhomme (GBR)
"I am very happy with the result. It was a great race, but in very tough conditions. To come up against Hannes in the Round of 14 was going to be really tough. It was always going to come down to who could handle the pressure better. The championship looking very similar to how it was at this point last year, but then we had engine troubles. You can never rule out bad luck and you can never take you're eye off the ball."

2nd Matt Hall (AUS)
"I thought I'd never complain about coming second, but that race win has to come soon. It wasn't my best run in the final four. I think the winglets are still a bit of a hindrance because I'm still learning to fly with them, but the more time I have the better it will become."

3rd Matthias Dolderer (GER)
"I'm really happy, the speed in the raceplane is there, as we saw in Abu Dhabi. It's all thanks to my team. We changed a lot to the raceplane over the offseason and now we've had two races, we can start to analyse more data to see how the modifications are working."

4th Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA)
"I'm annoyed that I didn't get on the podium. I was setting a good time, but over-G'd and got a DNF, so I'm disappointed. I was flying well all weekend and to come up against Nigel in the Round of 8 was tough, but I just concentrated on my own flight."

5th Nigel Lamb (GBR)
"I'm happy with the way the weekend has finished. I have more points now than I did and this stage of the season last year, and I won the title! So I'm happy with my progress."

6th Michael Goulian
"I would like to have been faster in the Round of 8. I was surprised with how slow the time was. But I'm happy, I flew the course exactly how I had planned to fly it. I flew with emotion, like an athlete, and I'm going to continue with that strategy in Rovinj."

7th Kirby Chambliss
"I'm not happy unless I'm number one! It's a much better result than Abu Dhabi. I knew I had to get in the right frame of mind here straight away as we had so little time in the track. I didn't think the rack was too challenging, but Rovinj looks more technical, so I'm happy about that."

8th Yoshihide Muroya
"In the Round of 8 I was up against Paul so I know I had to go for it – that's when I over-G'd and got a DNF. It was amazing to have a race in Japan and having a recording breaking crowd was fantastic, so I hope it'll happen again."

9th Juan Velarde (ESP)
"I'm happy but I'm also really disappointed. I was two seconds slower than yesterday and thought it was bad, but then I saw Kirby's time and we were 0.1 of a second apart, which we've been all weekend, so it wasn't a surpirse that I lost to him by so little. Ninth place is great."

10th Martin Sonka (CZE)
"I really need to look the analysis of my flight. Looking at the split times I was really quick in the first section, but I think I held off on the vertical turning manoeuvre because I was worried about getting penalty with over-G."

11th Hannes Arch (AUT)
"I'm not overly worried. I wasn't in the right frame of mind. I was still thinking about the DNF for the Over-G yesterday and I flew too soft. I went really wide in the vertical turning manoeuvre and that cost me. I was too comfortable in the track and tI lost focus."

12th Pete McLeod (CAN)
"I feel really good and positive. I reverted back to my old aggressive style and it cost me, but I got the second fastest time, without the penalties, and I'm really happy with that. I feel really good and positive. The raceplane seems to be working better as well and I feel like I'm going into Rovinj in a good position."

13th Peter Besenyei (HUN)
"I've had problems all weekend with my fuel lines. We changed them when we got here but the engine is still shuddering in the hard turns. So I've not been able to fly how I want. We think we'll have to shorten the fuel lines by Rovinj so we can improve."

14th François Le Vot (FRA)
"I'm still not comfortable in the raceplane, and my EFIS display wasn't working properly. I thought I'd exceeded the entry speed and received a DNF as I flew through the Start Gate. So my mind wasn't in the right place when I got into the chicane. When that happens the problem exacerbates itself. I need to fly my raceplane more."