Ryfa in a league of his own at Ascot

Daniel Ryfa at the race airport

At the halfway mark in Qualifying, Germany's Florian Berger looked to be on pace for his first podium win, but it was Swedish pilot Daniel Ryfa who blew away the competition with a three-second lead as Qualifying came to a close over the historic English racetrack.

Ryfa is clearly riding high on his Budapest success as he blasted his way though the Challengers' Qualifying session this afternoon, setting the bar high ahead of the fifth round of the Challenger Cup later this afternoon.

Chile's Bolton looked to be a threat for the podium top spot, but the Swede was in a league of his own, with a clean and comfortable run pitting him as the hot favourite to pick up maximum points at the British stop.

Here are the official results from the Challenger Cup Qualifying session: