In their sights – final Qualifying of 2015

One big push to grab a good spot in tomorrow's Round of 14 coming up

Bonhomme has his eye on the prize

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway plays host to the final Qualifying Day for the pilots this afternoon, with Paul Bonhomme and Matt Hall preparing to make their bids for this season's World Championship title.

But it was Bonhomme's fellow British pilot Nigel Lamb who has really made his mark so far here at the eighth and last stop of the season, finding an early boost with first place finishes on both the Training 1 and Training 2 timesheets.

In the Friday Training sessions, the pilots clocked up plenty of penalties, as they faced difficult gusty winds of up to 22kts. But the forecast for today's Qualifying is much more favourable, with current conditions offering 8kts. The winds appear to have swung from a westerly direction yesterday to easterly today, which have inevitably led to some adjustments in the pilots' racing lines.

In Training 3, Lamb was unable to find his Friday form, and struggled down in 11th place overall, while Hall picked up the pace and smashed the track record, bringing it down to 48.772. Just half a second separates the top five pilots, with Pete McLeod showing his hand as a contender for the podium, finishing in second with 49.324, followed closely by Bonhomme with 49.356 and Arch in hot pursuit with 49.407.

Official results from Training 3 in Las Vegas: