The World Championship is still wide open

The leaderboard is anything but complete

Hannes isn't that far behind Dolderer

There has been a lot of talk in the build up to round six of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, with some saying that it's already over and that Matthias Dolderer has won and that's it. But that is far from the case!

Looking down the World Championship standings, there's still a mathematical chance that Juan Velarde, sitting in 12th, could be crowned World Champion. The pilots lower down are going to have to work hard to get up the ranks before the season finale in Las Vegas, but it's not impossible.

Although the chances of Velarde winning are slim, it can still be done. He currently has 9.25 points and there are still 45 available. If he wins every remaining race it would give him a total of 54.25 – one point more than Championship leader Matthias Dolderer currently has. Of course, this means that Dolderer would have to fail to collect any further points this season.

Although Dolderer probably isn't too concerned about Velarde, he'll be looking closely at the performances of the pilots chasing him down at the top of the leaderboard.

Arch is Dolderer's closest competitor. "I don't think I have to win here," said Arch. "But there's no room for tactics anymore. I have to start this weekend with the aim of winning."

Matt Hall, who had a disappointing start to his season, is back to his best and knows what pressure Dolderer is under. "I've felt that pressure before. Matthias is going to have to defend his lead and he's never had to do that before," said Hall. "I'm actually quite familiar being in this position, I'm going to push hard now."

Then beneath Hall is two-time title winner Kirby Chambliss, Yoshihide Muroya and Nicolas Ivanoff, who have both won races this season. So the race to the top is far from over...

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