Gamers gearing up for the Virtual World Championship Final

The gamers competing for the flight of a lifetime

Werner Pany at last year's competition.

After a season of virtual racing with Red Bull Air Race – 2, this weekend's final round at the Red Bull Air Race final in Indianapolis, USA, determines which standout gamer will be crowned the Virtual World Champion and win a real-life G-flight.

In 2017, Red Bull Air Race – 2 has given gamers the chance to race against rivals as well as compete online in parallel with the Master Class pilots – right as the real-life World Championship played out. And now it all comes down to the season finale, where the deciding round of the Virtual World Championship will take place at the same location where the Master Class will fly: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, USA – the home of motorsport. The winner of the Virtual World Championship not only earns the 2017 title, but also the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of a real G-flight with a Red Bull Air Race pilot.

The seven players fighting it out for their chance to win in Indy are: Manuel Fähndrich, Jiří Martan, Johannes Kiesewetter, Werner Pany, Rostislav Halachev, Philipp Mauser and Daniel Hable. 

Red Bull Air Race – 2 puts gamers in the cockpit for the new dimension of motorsport. In the Virtual World Championship, gamers fly virtual versions of the season's racetracks, testing their skills by racing online as the action happens in real life at seven races. The winners of the seven previous rounds earned a slot in this weekend's season final.

Just like the pilots of the real-life World Championship, the gamers of the Virtual World Championship will be battling in a Qualifying session on Saturday, with the final round and crowning of the Virtual World Champion on Sunday, 15 October 2017. At the speedway, they'll also tour the raceplane hangars, and take in all the action of the climactic Challenger Cup and Master Class finals.