Abu Dhabi: Training 3&4 Reactions

The pilots share their thoughts after a day out on the racetrack

Is Bonhomme back on form in 2015?

We caught up with the pilots back at the Race Airport after today's two training sessions. Here's what they had to say:

1. Paul Bonhomme (GBR)
"It's too early to say how we're doing, but so far, so good. The raceplane is going really well. The track is fairly straight forward, so we should be in it. But we know things can change, we're not counting our chickens yet."

2. Matt Hall (AUS)
"We're getting there. I'm still getting used to the wings, which is normal when you make a modification, but I'm consistent. Hannes and Paul are flying fast, but it's good to be up there with them. I'm still not flying at the maximum, I'm building up to that. I know the aircraft has got more to give."

3. Hannes Arch (AUT)
"Things are going well. I'm a bit slower than I was in the morning. Paul and Matt are quick. I'm making small mistakes, but I hope they're gone by Qualifying."

4. Martin Sonka (CZE)
"Today was my first day to fly due to problems with the aircraft yesterday. I'm getting familiar with the track, it's not very difficult. It's fast and all about good trajectory. The weather should be calmer tomorrow, which will make the track even easier."

5. Kirby Chambliss (USA)
"It's going pretty good so far. I still want to shave 1.5-2s off my time, but I'm getting more focused. I'm in the 58s at the moment and I need to get down to the 56s."

6. Yoshi Muroya (JPN)
"I'm happy so far. The track is very exciting and very fast. I need to find a good line, which I haven't done yet."

7. Matthias Dolderer (GER)
"I'm standing still at the moment, which is bad. But I'm still working on improvements."

8. Pete McLeod (CAN)
"It's good to be back. I'm improving all the time and although that's good, I don't want Paul and Hannes to start getting too far in front. They're the frontrunners at the moment."

9. Michael Goulian (USA)
"I had some electrical problems yesterday, so today was my first time in the track. I'm very happy with the raceplane, we have a long way to go, and changes to make, but my confidence is growing."

10. Nigel Lamb (GBR)
"It's more of the same from yesterday. I'm not flying too well at the moment and don't feel fantastic about it, but it's only training. Qualifying and Race Day will be another story."

11. Nicolas Ivanoff (FRA)
"It's the same as yesterday. I'm still trying different angles on the track, but I've not found the right line yet. I need to keeping trying. The raceplane is great, I'm getting better and better the more time I have with it."

12. Peter Besenyei (HUN)
"It's getting better today. I still have to study the course to try and shave off some tenths of seconds. We need to work on the raceplane more."

13. Francois Le Vot (FRA)
"I'm finding some parts of the racetrack easy, but I'm struggling with the second half. I'm still thinking about what I have to do, it's not natural yet. I will get used to it. I don't want to get penalties. Penalties mean you're the bad guy."

14. Juan Velarde (ESP)
"I'm much happier than yesterday. I'm flying much better lines today. I'm finding the right path and I'm happy with them."