Abu Dhabi 2017 reactions: Challenger Class Qualifying

It was the last chance for the Challengers to get a feel for the racetrack

Florian is the pilot to beat

It's almost time for Race Day, here's what the Challenger Class pilots thought of Qualifying today...

Florian Bergér
"Yesterday I had some quite good times in Free Practice, but my practice this morning wasn't good, so I had to quickly work things out between that session and Qualifying. With winds and a tight safety line, the Vertical Turn is really important. We'll see what happens tomorrow."

Daniel Ryfa
"I'm happy with my flight. Everything went well, but when I heard my time I did think that it might not be fast enough. I'm still in the game, but I'm a bit disappointed. I'm where I want to be tomorrow and I'll go all out for the win."

Ben Murphy
"Florian is on fire at the moment and the one to beat, but everybody is quick here. The key is not to think about it too much, if you do, you lose your flow in the track. Everyone is so competitive that the only person you can hope to beat is yourself."

Melanie Astles
"I'm happy, my mindset is good and I improved by two seconds since this morning's run, I hope I can lose another two seconds in tomorrow's race. I spoke to my coach today, I had a few things to fix, but we worked through them."

Kevin Coleman
"I'm not really sure why we're so slow. I'm flying better than I did last year, but we need to gain some speed. I'll be working all night to work out where I can be faster. I know I need to work on the Vertical Turning Manoeuvre and I have to fly clean tomorrow."

Baptiste Vignes
"I'm still learning, but I had fun. There are things I need to think about – but the important thing is that I stay calm and make sure I'm smooth and safe. My goal is to fly penalty free."

Luke Czepiela
"I have mixed emotions at the moment. I was slow in the morning session and I knew what I needed to do to fix it. I did that in the afternoon session, but picked up a lot of penalties, which I need to fix for tomorrow."