Abu Dhabi 2017 reactions: Challenger Cup

Daniel Ryfa reacts to repeat win

Ryfa congratulated by Bergér

Seven pilots of the Challenger Class fought it out above the waters of Abu Dhabi's Corniche this afternoon to see who would take the first win of the season. Here are their final thoughts on the day's action...

1st Daniel Ryfa
"Today was the race with the most pressure I've seen. It's not easy flying last, the times were over running and I was getting stressed. I had a small stall in one of the gates and thought I might have lost it, but I worked out a little trick at Gate 7 and 14 and it paid off today, I'm happy."

2nd Florian Berger
"I'm disappointed to lose by only 0.355s. I took a risky line in the racetrack today, it worked but it still wasn't enough. I'm happy for Daniel and I'm glad he won today."

3rd Melanie Astles
"Of course I am happy, I had a lot to work on since last season. I was near the bottom, but I have improved and knowing I could improve further has helped. I've needed to work harder because it's going to be tough this year, all the pilots are so close."

4th Ben Murphy
"I'm a bit disappointed with my performance today, I was two seconds slower than yesterday. The raceplane felt sluggish in the track. I was pleased not to get a penalty for rolling in the gate, the judges saw that I was within the margins."

5th Kevin Coleman
"The track was a little different today, and I haven't been quick all week. I'm disappointed, but hoping we can collect some points here. I feel like I flew pretty well, but it just wasn't my week, I've been chasing time and it's not worked."

6th Luke Czepiela
"I avoided all the penalties I got yesterday and I guess I relaxed a bit too much before I crossed the finish line. I didn't realise I'd hit the pylon until I looked back after crossing the Finish Gate and saw it slowly deflating. Florian Bergér was the man to beat today, he has been flying well all week."

7th Baptiste Vignes
"It was exciting out there today, and it feels good to be a Challenger. It's been a good week I am pleased with how I have performed, and want to continue on this path by learning and improving my flying."