Abu Dhabi 2018: Round of 8 preview

Six down, eight to go

Murphy makes it through to the Round of 8

Every second counts in the Round of 8 as World Championship points are up for grabs. This is how they line up...

Heat 8
Michael Goulian vs Matt Hall
Goulian has been flying well and if he can stay cool and calm he'll be able to go through. Hall will count himself lucky to be through after Dolderer received a DNF in their heat. This will be close as these two are desperate to start their season in the best possible way.

Heat 9
Martin Sonka vs François Le Vot
Martin Sonka flew perfectly in the Round of 14. His plane is heavy but he seems to have learned how to keep the energy in the plane. Le Vot set a faster time than Sonka and if he flies these lines he'll be in with a great chance of making his first Final 4 for two years.

Heat 10
Mika Brageot vs Kirby Chambliss
Brageot talks about how he was only 0.002s away from a place in the Final 4 in 2017 so he'll be super motivated to ensure it happens here. All that's standing in his way is two-time title winner Kirby Chambliss. Chambliss has been improving with every run and he seems to have saved his best for today. This will be tight.

Heat 11
Ben Murphy vs Yoshihide Muroya
Murphy will be thrilled with getting this far on Race Day in his first Master Class race. The ex-Red Arrows pilot knows how to handle pressure and will not be put off flying against the World Champion. Muroya has been here many times before and also knows how to handle this pressure. He'll have his gameplan and he'll stick to it.

You can follow the Round of 8 live from 16:00 local time right HERE.

Abu Dhabi 2018 Round of 8 startlist