Aerial Aces: The Legends

Part 1 of our 2015 Master Class recap

Legends Chambliss and Besenyei talk tactics

In this four-part series we take a look at the pilots of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. These guys are the best in the world, top of the tree, in other words – Aerial Aces. At this stage of the season, we can see four distinct groups of pilots and we're kicking off with The Legends.

These articles will tell you a little more about the man inside the machine. Today we will focus on the stalwarts of the Red Bull Air Race, those that have seen it all, been there, and have experienced the evolution of the sport over more than a decade...

Kirby Chambliss
Race number: 10
The Texan pilot has been in the Red Bull Air Race since the very beginning. He has been one of the most competitive in the sport and there are few who are as experienced in the highs and lows. Chambliss is a two-time title winner (2004 and 2006) and was a powerhouse in the early seasons where he amassed eight career wins. Recent seasons have seen other pilots gain ground and overtake Chambliss, something he struggles to accept and wants to put right. He is desperate to get back on the podium and is constantly modifying his Edge 540 as well as using new innovations, such as working with Microsoft, to try and get back to that top spot. With the season finishing in the USA on home soil, he'll have his raceplane with him for a considerable length of time and is already focusing on 2016.


Peter Besenyei
Race Number: 91
If it wasn't for the pioneering work of Peter Besenyei there would be no Red Bull Air Race. The Hungarian pilot won the inaugural season and was a top contender for the first five years. He was also one of the driving forces behind the unique start in the Budapest race where the pilots fly under the Chain Bridge. During his time in the Red Bull Air Race he has helped develop new aircraft and has flown every raceplane. This season he has taken delivery of the latest Edge 540 V3 and has already seen his results improve. He could be back on the podium any time soon...

Michael Goulian
Race Number: 99
Michael Goulian joined the Red Bull Air Race in 2004. He didn't compete in 2005 but the draw was too strong and he's been in the mix ever since 2006. His career highlight was his race win in Budapest back in 2009. He has never found the consistency he would like, but the friendly American has the passion, drive and commitment to succeed. At the start of the 2015 season he arrived with a new raceplane and a completely new team. They have gelled quickly and grow in confidence at every race. It can't be long until Goulian is once again on the podium.