Aerial Aces: Next Generation

Part 2 of our Master Class recap

Le Vot one of the fresh faces of the Red Bull Air Race

In this four-part series, we're bringing you the Master Class pilots of the 2015 season. First we shared insights in to 'The Legends' of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Today it's the turn of the young guns, the new kids on the block, the 'Next Generation':

François Le Vot
Race Number: 12
François is a vastly experienced pilot. He is a former Captain in the French Air Force and a World Champion in aerobatics. He made a big impact in the Red Bull Air Race Challenger Cup last year, winning the first three races. Thanks to his skill and performances he was then moved into the Master Class for 2015. Since arriving in the elite category he has struggled to find the form of last season but is working hard to improve with every race. He is still not 100% confident in his Edge 540 V2 raceplane and continues to work at modifying it whilst improving himself. He has a long road ahead of him but the committed Frenchman has the ability to be champion.

Juan Velarde
Race Number: 26
Juan Velarde is a piloting legend in his home country of Spain. Like Le Vot, he also joined the World Championship as a Challenger Cup pilot last year and after a successful debut season was invited to move up into the Master Class. Velarde is enjoying the new challenge but is under no illusion that he has his work cut out. He has surrounded himself with a strong team and is improving with every race. He knows he will struggle in the Round of 14, but he never gives up and hopes that he will start collecting championship points soon.