Chiba 2018: Round of 8 preview

Here’s the upcoming head to heads

Velarde is through

As we get to the business end of race three we look at the eight pilots remaining and how they will face off against each other...

Heat 8
Matthias Dolderer vs Michael Goulian
Dolderer would love to get back to winning ways and he'll feel confident going into this Round of 8. He was second in Cannes and will want to go one better here, but he's up against the man of the moment. Michael Goulian seems unstoppable, with a first and a third so far this season, he'll be wanting to keep his space at the top of the standings. This one could go either way.

Heat 9
Mika Brageot vs Martin Sonka
Brageot has been flying like an extremely experienced Master Class pilot and is so close to getting into the Final 4 for the first time in his career. He'll have to push hard though as he's against one of the fastest pilots in the series, Martin Sonka. Sonka will be looking to forget about his two DQs so far and making it into the Final 4 here. Looking at both pilots' time it seems Sonka might have the slight advantage.

Heat 10
François Le Vot vs Pete McLeod
These two pilots have faced each other in the head-to-heads four times, with three of them being won by McLeod, but past results count for nothing and both pilots will see their chance to get into the Final 4. McLeod has set the 2018 track record and looked blisteringly fast on Race Day, but he does like to fly on the edge and it has cost him in the past. Le Vot is getting more and more competitive with every race and in perfect flying conditions it could be his day to get on the podium.

Heat 11
Juan Velarde vs Matt Hall
Hall has set the fastest time of the day with a 55.529s run. Velarde went through as the Fastest Loser. It will be close, but with Velarde setting the slowest time of the eight remaining pilots up against the fastest it looks like it could be advantage Hall, but this is racing and anything can happen...

Chiba 2018 Round of 8 Startlist