Fort Worth 2018: Challenger Class Qualifying reactions

The pilots reflect on Qualifying

Bergér was top again

Qualifying was a closely faught battle in the Challenger Class. The pilots have their final say before tomorrow's race...

Florian Bergér
"I liked it a lot. My flying was much smoother than in Free Practice this morning. I was also a little bit lucky, I think, because I had 10.0 G in the Vertical Turning Manoeuvre, and that's the limit. Wind conditions were a little tougher than this morning, but it worked out quite well for me. I heard that the wind could be from the other direction tomorrow, and that would be a completely different track, so tonight I have to imagine what the track could be like, do some mental training, and, before everything else, enjoy this."

Luke Czepiela
"I flew like an idiot, I got the stupidest penalty you can get – too high in the Start Gate – I don't know how that happened. I'll have to watch the video and be lower tomorrow. And despite that penalty the time wasn't good, maybe I messed up a bit, but it's no excuse."

Kevin Coleman
"I'm pretty happy, I've been happy with my flying all week. I'm just a little bit slow, but I've been getting faster with every run, which is good and the penalties have been minimal, but that doesn't matter now. The wind is going to be completely different tomorrow, which will completely change the track so everything we've done in the last two days doesn't mean a thing!"

Baptiste Vignes
"Today was a good day. I was quite surprised about the time in FP3, I was trying to be fast, smooth with no mistakes and it worked. Then in Qualifying I was happy with my flight, but I was not as fast as this morning, so I will have a look at the video and see why. Tomorrow will be totally different because of the weather, so it will be like starting again, but we'll see."

Daniel Ryfa
"Quali was good. I had some issues in the training flight, picking up penalties, which wasn't fun. It also made me a bit nervous before the Quali. Everyone has been flying really well and seeing Kevin and Flo setting really quick times, but I'm happy with second place in the Quali, and now let's see what happens tomorrow."