Fort Worth 2018: Challenger Cup reactions

A new Challenger Cup Champion has been crowned, here's what the racers thought

Czepiela is congratulated by Bergér

It's been an emotional day in the Challenger Class as a new champion was crowned. The pilots offer their thoughts on the season and the season that's just wrapped...

1st Luke Czepiela
"Everything feels amazing, I didn't expect to win the Cup. The plan for this year was not to win, it was to improve on last year's third place. To win the race and to win the Cup feels so special! I can't wait to go home and celebrate. The race was completely different to the other days. As soon as I took off I could feel the turbulence and I knew it was going to be difficult as I was one of the first out flying. I decided to go for the points collection, but it worked out so well."

2nd Florian Bergér
"I was very lucky to get to the final as I only flew in three races, so I was relaxed in the track and it's been nice in Texas this week. Today was a completely different story – it was bumpy and I was lucky because I got to watch the others fly, and I saw them pick up penalties. I saw that some were quicker, but picked up penalties, so I was conservative. I should've pushed harder."

3rd Kevin Coleman
"The track is completely different today, and it's cold, so there's a lot of G available. It's bumpy, which makes it hard to the get wings level, and the track is also a little bit slower. Unfortunately, I had to go first and figure that out for everyone else."

4th Baptiste Vignes
"It was very good. I was very happy, because I was smooth. I got the penalty for a little over-G, but that's the game. I took the track record twice, so I know I can compete, and I will come back next year faster and stronger and try to fight for the title. Congratulations to Luke, Flo and Kevin – they flew so well."

5th Daniel Ryfa
"The wind conditions shifted, but I had a good plan and I was fast, but I picked up the penalty. When I heard the time I couldn't believe it, I was destroyed, and then of course Luke got the win. I'm pleased with the season but I got a lot penalties and it cost me, so for next year I have to work on being aggressive but be penalty free. If I can do that I will take them all."