Fort Worth 2018: Master Class Qualifying reactions

It’s the last session before the final 2018 race. The pilots share their thoughts

Le Vot was pleased with his times

There will be some restless pilots in their hotel rooms tonight as they plan for tomorrow's race. First though, here's what they thought of today...

Michael Goulian
"The damage to the winglet has been fixed and there's no difference in the handling of the aeroplane. The only thing which could've been better was to fly yesterday because we could think about our lines. And I think we're playing a little bit of catch up in terms of education of the track, but we'll have three more runs tomorrow."

Martin Sonka
"Today was OK apart from the stall in the very last pullup. But I'm especially happy with the consistency in my flying. I'm flying more to the edge and I'm happy that we flew as we planned, that's always important."

Matt Hall
"Today was all about trying to get through nice and smoothly. We made one little error in Free Practice 3, but that was just trying to find a different line. We're consistent, which is our basis. We rarely win in Qualifying, we normally place fifth or sixth and then go on to win!"

Mika Brageot
"It was quite an interesting day, I'm feeling quite good in the plane. I love this track. I've been a bit loose over the last few days and not sharp on the lines. That's all I can find out so far, but all good."

Yoshihide Muroya
"The wind died down in the middle of the session and our times were down so it's an OK flight. Seventh was OK. It's quite dramatic with the wind change and the temperature, it'll be like last year – and I can enjoy it this year."

Pete McLeod
"We made some progress today and we're still looking for answers but I found a line I was looking for. We're still testing, developing, and working on our system. I haven't been feeling super great, but I felt OK in the track, so hopefully I can hold off the cold until the end of the day tomorrow and hopefully we can upset some guys tomorrow. It's never fun flying first on Race Day because you're the wind dummy for the other pilots, but there's no pressure on me so I'm going to go out and fly."

Kirby Chambliss
"It was good today, I'm feeling comfortable in the track. The cool thing is that everyone is super comfortable and then tomorrow the whole darn thing is going to get shaken up, which will be fun."

Ben Murphy
"To be honest the last couple of days have been more of a psychological hurdle for me, so I think if I was going into the track tomorrow with the same conditions as today I'd be having a lot of soul searching to do, but as it's going to be different we can wipe the slate clean. Everyone will face the same problem, so it's almost like going back to Free Practice 1 for everyone."

François Le Vot
"The track was very pleasant. I really had a lot of fun, but with moments of despair, especially in the Quali run where I figured out some changes had been made to my EFIS system and I couldn't use it. Everything had been changed without me being advised, so maybe I was angry and maybe that paid off! When we are angry we are fast and we're a team, so everything is good."

Nicolas Ivanoff
"It wasn't good today. I was not fast this morning and I didn't find the right way to go round the track. I have to feel better in the plane and find the better line. I need to work on the VTM because there's a huge difference. I'm losing 0.3s and need to improve."

Juan Velarde
"There were a series of mistakes today. I also didn't find the pace I had yesterday in the track, but it wasn't too bad. I over-G'd in Qualifying and then in the second run I made two silly mistakes that cost me. The net time wasn't bad, but little mistakes are very expensive here."

Matthias Dolderer
"Even if it's only Qualifying, I love to be on top of the podium and I love to win, that's why we're here – for competition. We just need to bring the results from Qualifying into the race and I'm pretty optimistic this will work soon. Maybe we should get points for Qualifying as well!"

Petr Kopfstein
"With the old engine, we're doing everything we can, but I still think we can brush off some time tomorrow. I'm pretty confident we can get quicker and it's going to be tight even in the different conditions."

Cristian Bolton
"It was a great Quali. My first run was faster. I got a penalty in the VTM, which would've put me in fourth without that. It's been a great weekend and we're looking forward to tomorrow. It's going to be tough tomorrow as I'm facing Mikey, but I'm here to win races and if you want to win you have to beat everyone!"