Fort Worth 2018: Round of 8 preview

The top three are through and it’s going to be a round to remember

Goulian goes against Sonka

It's Sonka up against Goulian in the Round of 8 and we're going to lose one Championship contender soon. Here's how the Round of 8 lines up...

Heat 8
Yoshihide Muroya vs Kirby Chambliss
Chambliss went through as the Fastest Loser and was actually faster than Muroya in the Round of 14. Both pilots know how to win when it counts, so this one will go all the way to the wire.

Heat 9
Ben Murphy vs Mika Brageot
The two Challenger graduates go up against each other in the Round of 8. Both have been in the Final 4 this year, with Brageot taking a podium. Both pilots have had up and downs so far this weekend making this a heat to watch. This one will go to the pilot that can keep the coolest head.

Heat 10
Matt Hall vs Juan Velarde
Velarde was a lot faster than Hall in the Round of 14, but Hall knows how to handle the pressure from this point on Race Day, whereas nerves might get the better of Velarde. The pressure is all on Hall as he has a World Championship he'd like to win.

Heat 11
Michael Goulian vs Martin Sonka
It's first and second going against each other. One of these two will not be World Champion at the end of today. Goulian hasn't had the smoothest of race weeks and Sonka has set the fastest time of the day. But you can't count either of them out. This is a heat you don't want to miss.

The Round of 8 begins at 15:00 – don't miss a moment, catch all the action HERE.

Fort Worth 2018 Master Class Round of 8 startlist