Goulian out. Sonka and Hall through!

Hall is through

It's going down to the wire...

Heat 8
Muroya vs Chambliss
Yoshihide Muroya flew out of the blocks and set one of the quickest times of the week. His time of 52.519s means Chambliss will have to pull out all the stops to go through to the Final 4. Chambliss did just that and set the track record in the process.

Heat 9
Murphy vs Brageot
By getting in to the Round of 8 Murphy becomes the most successful graduate of the Challenger Class in a debut season and he flew aggressively. He had to make a slight correction in one turn and that added time to his run and he finished with a 54.324s. Brageot flew well but just couldn't seem to keep up with the British pilot. It seems Brageot had a late pullup in the VTM and that cost him and ended his race.

Heat 10
Hall vs Velarde
Matt Hall, flew clean and was safe with his inputs to ensure that he flew clean. He was a second quicker than his R14 time, but he could have left the door open for Velarde. Velarde was green at the first split, but he picked up a two second penalty for an incorrect level and there was no way that he could make up that time and was out with a time 55.645s.

Heat 11
Goulian vs Sonka
The Championship leader had done so well, but the pressure got to him in this round and he picked up four seconds in penalties, handing the heat to his Championship rival Martin Sonka. All Sonka needed to do was fly clean. He nailed his run and crossed the Finish Gate in 53.051s, keeping his title hopes alive.

Fort Worth 2018 Master Class Round of 8 results