Indianapolis 2016: Challenger Class Qualifying reactions

The Challengers talk about today’s sessions

Czepiela flew brilliantly today

The Challenger Class pilots completed their qualifying session today and are looking towards tomorrow's race already. Here are their thoughts on the IMS track...

Kevin Coleman
"We had a really decent practice day yesterday. Last night we made a lot of adjustments and then had a good practice run this morning. In Qualifying, I was a little too aggressive and the time wasn't that great – so I'm not too happy with the flying, but happy to have qualified in first for the first time ever, and especially at The Brickyard here in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway."

Luke Czepiela
"The track is really good. It's a mix of the best parts from Spielberg and Ascot. I'm behind in the aircraft at the moment, but improving. I'm hoping to have everything ready in good time for tomorrow's race."

Melanie Astles
"For me the track felt really great. It's a nice track because it's a standing takeoff, and for me in my first season, to have a start that's not so fast gives me time to see what's going on. And also I like the smooth flying that this track requires – maybe it's a feminine style. So I'm happy. I like it."

Ben Murphy
"It's a great track, I flew really well yesterday, but Kevin has found a new line today. I need to work a little bit on one part of the track, but it's a great course. Tomorrow's race will be incredibly close."