Indianapolis 2016: Round of 14 preview

We’re here and ready to race…

Bolton will enter his first ever Round of 14

The time for talking and training is over. It's time for the pilots to lay down a fast time to claim as many World Championship points as possible. Here's how they will face-off in the Round of 14...

Heat 1
Petr Kopfstein vs Juan Velarde
Kopfstein has struggled in the track and feels it doesn't suit his flying style. Velarde has improved gradually over the course of race week. The Spaniard will feel this is one of the best chances he has of getting into the Round of 8.

Heat 2
Nicolas Ivanoff vs Matthias Dolderer
Ivanoff flies well in the US and at speedway tracks. He will look to fly well today and find the form he showed in Abu Dhabi. Dolderer is the championship leader and the man to beat, but as we near the business end of the season, is the pressure starting to show?

Heat 3
Michael Goulian vs Martin Sonka
Both these pilots have performed well in Indianapolis, but small mistakes are costing both of them time. The pilot that keeps cool and penalty-free will be the man to see himself in the Round of 8.

Heat 4
Francois Le Vot vs Nigel Lamb
It's Breitling against Breitling in the Round of 14. Lamb has loved this track since he first flew it on Friday and is getting stronger with every run. Le Vot is enjoying flying at Indianapolis as well, but his times are slower than Lamb's times and he will struggle to beat the Brit.

Heat 5
Kirby Chambliss vs Pete McLeod
Both Chambliss and McLeod will have a huge following cheering them on today, they are both posting consistent times and are pretty close. This one will go right to the wire.

Heat 6
Peter Podlunsek vs Matt Hall
Podlunsek has struggled at this fast, technical track and might be too much for him to advance when he's up against Hall. The Australian has won the last two races and will be looking to make it a hattrick and keep the pressure on Dolderer.

Heat 7
Cristian Bolton vs Yoshihide Muroya
Bolton has impressed at his first Master Class race week, but going up against the track record holder Muroya might be a step too far this early in his career. Muroya pulled it out of the bag in Qualifying and is feeling confident but can he do it again?

Round of 14 startlist