Indianapolis 2017 reactions: Challenger Class FP1+2

The Challengers got their first taste of the Indianapolis track

Bergér was happy today

The six finalists of the Challenger Cup took to the Indianapolis skies today to test thier lines and find out what's in store for them on Race Day. Here are their first opinions on the track...

Florian Bergér
"I'm flying for the first time here in Indianapolis and I'm not used to the standing start as I've only done that at Ascot, but today's training went well. I have to figure out a better line to improve my time and be more consistent. I know I can improve my times with a better takeoff procedure and the VTM. There is also a better line to be taken at the single gate."

Daniel Ryfa
"It was fun out there today. It's my first time here and a new track is always good. I'm trying all the lines, it was so-so, but it's given me ideas for tomorrow and I feel I can shave time off."

Luke Czepiela
"In the first session I was very rusty and very rough. The second flight of the second Free Practice was much better and I set a good net time. I always start slow and get bad times. I improve over the race week and save my best for Race Day; I hope it will be the case here as well."

Kevin Coleman
"The track's a little bit different to last year, but for the most part it's the same. I just need to figure out how to do a better VTM. I finished FP1 in second place, but I need to get a bit faster to catch Florian."

Melanie Astles
"I was a little bit nervous because I hadn't flown the standing start for a long time, and we didn't get a lot of pre-training beforehand but I managed to enjoy the flight and the feeling was much better. There's a lot of work ahead to improve my time. I thought I was going to be faster this afternoon, but it didn't work out so well. My flying was clean and I worked out a few things so I think I can get another two or three seconds to be faster."

Ben Murphy
"I really like the track. It's changed a little bit from last year making the VTM trickier than it was. It's a nice flowing track with technical parts and what's not to love about flying above the home of the Indianapolis 500?"

The Challengers will be back in action tomorrow for their final Free Practice session and Qualifying. Catch it all HERE.