Kazan 2017 reactions: Challenger Cup

A new race winner in the Challenger Cup explains how he feels

Chiang on the podium

Two pilots in their first Challenger Class season found themselves on the podium in today's Challenger Cup race. They try to explain how they feel about today's tough track. As do the other four competitors...

1st Kenny Chiang
"It feels incredible, unbelievable. I'm quite surprised and really happy. Congratulations to Baptiste too – it's really special to see two new Challengers on the podium. In this game experience really counts, and maybe I got a little lucky today. I'm just trying to get better and better in the plane. It's still not the perfect lap and I will continue to work on it, but I do think it gives me more momentum."

2nd Baptiste Vignes
"I feel happy for sure. It was not simple because of the weather and I tried to be as smooth as possible, and not take any risks, which paid off. Congratulations to the winner because he did an amazing job. I'm very happy."

3rd Kevin Coleman
"I'm on the podium, but I don't deserve it. The conditions were terrible in the track. I was stalling at 7G instead of 9G, so it was tough. I'm hoping I can regroup and do better in Porto."

4th Melanie Astles
"It was tough for sure out there today, I flew a safe flight, I had two major stalls in the vertical turn because of the rain and it just killed my time. I was a little stressed because I didn't expect to fly in the rain."

5th Ben Murphy
"There was rain, which effects the wing and makes it easier to stall. I felt like I had a really good run. Certainly the first VTM had no stall so I came out of that thinking I was on a good run. I pulled too much into Gate 7 and when I rolled out I still had a face full of pylon, so I had to roll the other way, and that small mistake cost me what would've been second place."

6th Daniel Ryfa
"I'm not too happy at all. It was raining when I was flying. The conditions were really tough and I'm going to go for it in Lausitz [Ryfa is not racing in Porto]. I'm going to have to go for it, because it's getting close to the end of the season."