Lausitz 2017: Round of 8 preview

Eight pilots remain as we get closer to the podium

Brageot is through

The Round of 8 here in Germany is going to be one of the most exciting in the sport's history. Some big championship hopefuls will not be going through to the Final 4 – here's how they all line up...

Heat 8
Matt Hall vs Mikael Brageot
Matt Hall has the experience and the knowledge of this track, but Mikael Brageot is confident that he'll get through to the Final 4 before this season is finished. Both will have to fly perfectly to have any chance of going through.

Heat 9
Yoshihide Muroya vs Kirby Chambliss
These two are only separated by three points in the championship standings, and both feel they have a chance of winning here. This will be a tense battle that will be the tightest of the day.

Heat 10
Petr Kopfstein vs Juan Velarde
Both pilots have found form here. Velarde is determined to put his Porto troubles behind him by finishing on the podium. Kopfstein will also be looking for his first podium since Chiba this year. It'll be the smoothest, calmest pilot that advances.

Heat 11
Pete McLeod vs Martin Sonka
First against second in the standings, Hollywood couldn't have written a better script. McLeod has struggled to find form here in Lausitz and has been mid-table, but you wouldn't bet against him. Sonka has been the fastest today so far and will want to be quick here. This is the heat you don't want to miss.

The Round of 8 begins at 16:00 (local) watch all the action right HERE.

Master Class Round of 8 start list